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Brekete Family Reality Radio and TV Talk Magazine is a program aired on Love FM (Abuja) with a frequency of 104.5 which kicks off everyday by 7:30 am (Nigerian time). The program is hosted by "Ordinary" President Ahmed Isah of Love FM and produced by Discovery Media. The brekete family Taxi has a slogan... "Hembelembe" and the audience responds... "Olololo".

Public Notice: This is not Brekete family official website / blog

The program provides current headline news and reviews issues disturbing Nigerians in Nigeria and abroad in every aspect of the economy, safety, etc and the program has used this media to help solve so many issues for both the poor and the rich without looking at the background of victims who has been treated either harshly or unlawfully. Brekete Family Radio program is conducted in pidgin English (Local English) and features real life issues and events concerning human rights and contemporary societal issues of Nigerians; it also allows people across Nigeria to call-in through their phone during the program. In general, Brekete Family, voice of the voiceless, its a Reality Radio Talk Magazine Program, that serve to protect the interest of both Nigerians and non-Nigerians.

The Brekete family Taxi program has several partners across Nigeria ranging from National Human Rights Commission, Nigerian Police, Nigerian Army, EFCC, ICPC, etc with a single aim of fighting corruption and upholding the rights of every Nigerian and foreign individuals who reside in Nigeria.

The program also speaks for Nigerians who live abroad. The Brekete family Taxi Program review the problems faced by these Nigerians abroad and proffer solutions the problems in the highest capacity. 

Brekete Family Radio Live TV Streaming is a regular search on the internet because most listeners of the radio program wants to see and watch the Brekete family program live on TV and through live streaming / telecast via Youtube or any other means they can find. With the increase of this search on the web, the management of Love FM and Brekete Family Radio decided to create an Android app for the program. The Brekete Family Live Streaming app is available on the Google Play Store with the name tag; "Brekete Family". As at the time of writing this article, the Brekete Family app is not available on the Apple Store (iTunes). But according to the ordinary president of brekete family; Ahmed Isah, the iOS app is still being designed by their engineers and would soon be available for the iPhone and iPad users on the Apple store.

Updates: News reaching us today says that the Brekete Family program will now be shown on one of Startimes TV station as from Monday 15th February 2016 so that the radio listeners can watch the program live from their startimes decoder.

NB: Please be informed that this is not the officially website of Brekete Family, the official site is

 (Note that this article is subjected to updates). 

Brekete Family Radio Live TV Streaming | YouTube | App | News | www:breketefamily:com

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