Nigeria Police Recruitment Forms 2017-2018: Latest News of NPF Recruitment

Police Recruitment Form 2017/2018 has not started, but what are the requirements for applying? - This recruitment article covers information about; Nigeria police recruitment; latest news about Nigeria police force recruitment; Police service commission; Nigeria police recruitment list 2017-2018; Nigeria police shortlisted names; the Nigeria police force salary; Nigeria Police News of Today; etc, all available from the Police official website: 2017/18

The Nigeria Police recruitment process did not start today, it has been conducted several times, so it is worth it to remember that at the filling of application online, you will need to answer questions regarding several facts about Nigerian police and yourself (biodata). For you to fill the Nigerian Police form 2017/2018 online, it is important that you pay attention to the list of requirements before you even think of applying because you don't need to make too much efforts by providing information you were not asked to input. It is no news that in Nigeria today, there are several approved law enforcement agencies recruitments, which includes; the Nigerian Army Recruitment, Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) Recruitment, Nigeria Air Force RecruitmentNational Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), Economic & Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and so on, but the most popular one is the Nigerian police since they take the main part in the protection of law and order in the urban and rural areas of the country as seen around the world.

Police Recruitment Form 2017/2018 – How to fill it?

Currently, according to the Nigerian police statistics, there are only about 371,800 officers protecting the lives and properties of people. The foreseeable plan of the Federal government of Nigeria includes the increment of the NPF to 650,000 officers in the long run. That is to say that a total of about 280,000 more people will be recruited into the Nigeria police security system to further increase the total number of the police force. 

It is a known fact that the Nigerian police is one of the largest law enforcement agencies in Africa that is grouped into 12 zones and 7 administrative bodies in the 36 states of Nigeria and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

IGP Ibrahim Kpotun Idris is the current chief inspector of police who was appointed the inspector general of police after the previous IGP; Solomon E. Arase resigned. IGP Ibrahim Kpotun Idris was appointed several months later after Buhari assumed power as the President; Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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Before applying for the Nigerian police Recruitment process, lets take a look at the history of the NPF because you may need these information during the 2017/18 examination screening exercise: Did you know that the Nigerian police was founded in the year 1820? I guess not. Take a look at these information you may need in the future;

  1. Some indigeneous men from Imo state became Nigeria Police first participant.
  2. The first person who had the highest category in the history of Nigerian police is the Colonel-General of the commissioner of KK. 
  3. In 1879, the armed militarized Constabulary forces with 1200 participants were created.
  4. The Nigeria Police  started long before independence approached.
  5. In 1894, Niger Coast Constabulary forces were founded in Calabar.
  6. In 1888, Royal Niger Company was created. Their main office is located in Kaduna.

Several security agencies were connected with local authorities because they were operated by the government in these areas. Later on, these armed militarized Constabulary forces were zoned and nationalized at some point. According to history, this is all that is known from the history of Nigerian Police. For more information, you can log in to the official Nigerian Police Portal to learn some important facts about police recruitment process in 2017/18 recruitment guidelines put together by Police Service Commission.

Updates: Note that as at this time,the police recruitment form 2017/2018 is not readily available on the Nigeria police recruitment portal/website. Due to the high rate of unemployment in the country, it has been observed that there are so many desperate job applicants who are prepared pay for the 2017 recruitment form, nonetheless before raising your hopes into any conclusions, please be informed that the online application form is still not out for filling. The Police Service Commission (PSC) usually notifies the general public when questionnaires become available, the furnish them with useful response and guidelines. PSC as a federal organization tells the general public when there is an available vacancy, by means of news on daily', Television, and Radio advert. Don't thin that there will not be recruitment soon. There will because every year the Nigerian police accept applications from competent Nigerians for estimated service in the organization to boost up the security platform in the country.


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This is a list of vacancies that are often available for application online
  • Assistant of the cadet
  • Head of police of ASP
  • Police Constable Andy
  • Cadet Inspector, etc.

To see the accurate start dates of police recruitment in Nigeria, please do well to visit the police recruitment official website; do not follow what you see on other websites.

This month has just started, and as of today, the form isn't available yet, all you can do for now is to study the requirements required from candidates who wants to get a position in the Nigeria police. First of all, applicants need to have these necessary documents: level certificate or its equivalent with the minimum quantity of the credits (5), including the mathematics and English. You must also possess ORSQUO. 

You cannot join the police without a guarantor. It is recommended that your guarantor to be a government staff either in local, state or federal level. You and your guarantor are to fill different sections of the Guarantors Form. All Candidates are to have the corresponding certificate for position they are applying for.

When you have fulfilled all these requirements, then proceed to the official Police recruitment site is and commence your application.

Apply Here

It has been resounded over and over again that the necessary online application form for participants of Nigerian Army isn't also available today, See when the Army application will start. Please do not give anyone money or your person vital information As soon as information appears on the website, you can fill in the questionnaire, previously having paid the sum specified on the website.
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