Internet defined:  Is the electronic global super highway that has revolutionized communication. Internet is not an exception. It has become the source of all kinds of information for all kinds of purposes. According to Keyode Fasua 2005 “Internet is the embryonic global information network or information super highway that result form the World Wide co-operation between computer networks in commercial, educational and organisaitions”

            However, there is hardly anything invented by man no matter its level of perfection  that is without some flaws. Because of it free and open nature, some people, places pornographic, sexually explicit and demonic materials on the web sites. Children have been lured away from home through such materials. Other people have contracted funny marriages with people they have only met on the internet.
            E-mail is also used as a tool for harassment and bullying.  This is more widespread in the developed countries than in Nigeria.
            Terrorism on the internet is an emotive and all-encompassing term, covering everything from economic espionage by government and crackers with on-line services to disseminate information by established terrorist groups, which are working to overthrow government across the globe by giving school children on internet the rudimentary bomb-making instrument.
            In addition, in the developing countries, the problem of erratic power supply, ineffective and inadequate telecommunication systems are obstacles to effective utilization of internet facilities. 
These issues have to be addressed. It is currently nearly impossible not to be exposed in some way to the interne. The fact is that  the internet is available to us as users of technology and it will have a substantial impact in the way we do things day by day WEB has spread like bush fire and now circles the world.

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