WAEC DIRECT Online Result Checker - Check Your 2017/2018 Result

WAEC DIRECT Online Result Checker - Check Your 2017/2018 Result

The WAEC DIRECT Online Result Checker 2017/2018 is a portal owned by The West African Examination Council, (Check Your WAEC Result) where students who registered and wrote the West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination can Check their Result. The official website to Check Your WAEC Result is www.waecdirect.org.  This is the procedure to check the 2017/2018 WAEC result.

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  1. Enter your 10-digit WAEC Examination Number. 
  2. (This is your 7-Digit centre number followed by your 3-digit candidate number e.g. 4123456789)
  3. Enter the 4 digits of your Examination Year eg. 2017
  4. Select the Type of Examination
  5. Enter the Card Serial Number found on the reverse side of your Scratch card.
  6. Enter the Personal Identification Number (PIN) on your Scratch card
  7. Click Submit and wait for the results window to come up

To be eligible to check your WAEC result on the official website, you must have the following;
  • Examination Number  
  • Examination Year   
  • Type of Examination   
  • Card Serial Number  
  • PIN  

WAECDIRECT Online - Result Checker

www.waecdirect.org - Checking your WAEC result has been made easy. Have you ever had any problem at all checking your result earlier this year? you can send an email to WAEC Online Support Service Center nuber on Tel: 01-9049320. When checking your result, you must remember to Enter your 10-digit WAEC Examination Number. on the official WAEC website, you will find ‎Scratch Card Mega dealers' outlets, there is also a· ‎Frequently Asked Question "FAQ" and ‎Alternative Channels. See the WAEC Release date here

WAEC - Ghana Official Website

ghana.waecdirect.org - WAECDIRECT-GHANA ONLINE SERVICE. You can Click Here for your Result Confirmation page or Click here for Result Verification. The RESULT CHECKER is also available on the wwebsite butt you must Enter your examination details to be able to view and print your WAEC result

waecdirect online - FAQ - WAEC Result

www.waecdirect.org/faq.htm - This is the Frequently asked questions page on every official WACE page. People has always asked; "what other ways can I check my results"? Questions like this has already been answered on the FAQ page. You can get help checking your result but note that your results will be displayed to you on a webpage on the WAECDIRECT official website. You can also complete your WAEC Result Verification on the WAEC website. Do you have a question? if yes, then Ask your question here


WAECDIRECT-GHANA ONLINE SERVICE is also available for students in GH. You can Click on the official Ghana WAEC direct for Result Checker and for Result Confirmation. RESULT VERIFICATION questions can be accessed too. To check result as usual, Enter your examination information.

WAEC Liberia Online Services - Result Checker

www.results.liberiawaec.org - Instructions for using the result checker page is as usual; Enter your 9-Digit Candidate Number for LPSCE, LJHSCE and LSHSCE or 10-Digit Candidate Registration number then enter your bio-data and your can print out your result. Check Liberia WAEC result Here

WAEC Gambia Homepage | www.waecgambia.org

WAEC's vision is to be a world-class examining body, adding value to the educational goals of its numerous stakeholders. It's mission is To remain Africa's best examination body to give accurate results depending on the student's performance. The WAEC Gambia Result Checker is available on this page. For Registration: Register for GABECE Register for WASSCE on the Gambia official website. You can download 2016 WASSCE for Private students. WAEC - Gambia students should Select the Type of Examination (e.g. S S S C E), Enter your 10 digit numbers, their exam and center numbers to be able to check their Result on the website. You can also access job-vacancy, International Exams, Result etc


Check Your 2017/2018 WAEC Result Here www.waecdirect.org

www.efukikata.blogspot.com-check-your-20172018-waec-result-here.html - All the WAEC candidates who registered, sat and wrote the WAEC 2016/2017 examination for may/june can now easily check their results on the official WAEC DIRECT website. The procedures on How to Check for WAEC 2017/18 Result online on www.waecdirect.org has been explained above.

WAEC Result 2016/2017 Result checker - www.waecdirect.org

www.supreme.com.ng/waec-result-2016-2017-2018-result-checker-www.waecresult.org - The WAEC Result 2017/2018 is out and has been published on the internet. The Result checker website is www.waecdirect.org and on this website, you should feel free to check your result online.

WAEC GCE RESULT Nov/Dec 2016/2017 | www:waecdirect:org

martinslibrary.blogspot.com › SCHOOL ADMISSION Results - The WAEC GCE RESULT Nov/Dec 2017/2018 | www:waecdirect:org | CHECKER for 2018/2019 is used as a subsidiary for the WAEC may/june to enable students gain admission into any university, polytechnic or college of education of their choice. I want to check my waec gce result online; how do i check my wace result? These similar problems has been solved on the website.

Check Your WAEC Result Here waecdirect.org – 2017/2018

www.justnaira.com/2017/waec-may-june-2016-result-released-on.html - How to Check WAEC GCE Result Online, the easy steps are as follows; 1. Buy WAEC card, 2. Go to WAEC result checking official portal at www.waecdirect.org. 3. Enter your exam details, enter toyr card in and serial number and click on Check my result.


waecdirect-org.blogspot.com - WAEC DIRECT ONLINE - RESULT CHECKER What you should know after written you Waec examination. How can i check my waec result or when will waec ...

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