Ultimate Cycler now Back: New Members Registration & Login Portal

Ultimate Cycler now Back: New Members Registration & Login Portal - The ultimate cycler website is finally back with new features as promised by the owner of Ultimate Cycler. The information came in so as to inform Nigerians that the Ultimate Cycler did not crash as speculated by some Nigerians who has registered and was merged to pay N12,500 to their up-line.

The ultimate cycler website came back to also prove to intending new members that want to register that Ultimate Cycler is not a Ponzi Scheme as published by some news reporters and bloggers. Now lets show you the notification message that was published on the official ultimate cycler website to Nigerians. Read it below;

Ultimate Cycler Registration & Login - Click Here

Ultimate Cycler Update December 8th 2016

The Ultimate Cycler got 1.2 Million new members in 45 days!  WOW!!!  We expect MILLIONS of members in the coming months. For those that are members of UC, thank you for being patient.
The Nigerian members have surprised everyone.  Ultimate Cycler applaud your efforts.
There have been rumours around that UC has crashed.  This is not true.
Ultimate Cycler decided it was best to take the server down to improve your experience and by investing in better server capacity. BIG DIFFERENCE.

See When Ultimate Cycler Registration will commence

UltimateCycler.com will is now live in a limited capacity. They are only able to give access to log in but no new sign ups because the load on the system is too much on the existing phase 1 server.  This will at least let the members know they are working on it and the system has not crashed.  The phase 2 system is 90% done so we will be converted over to that as soon as possible   The ultimate admin just need to test it. It will be ready in a few days.  

Ultimate Cycler now Back: New Members Registration & Login Portal


Ultimate Cycler Phase 1

As you are aware, we took the server down late last week to prepare for the massive growth to come.  The Phase 1 re-launch will be with the existing platform.

Ultimate Cycler Phase 2 

The new upgraded system will be Phase 2 and will be launched in a few days. We will be launching Phase 2 with dual servers and a totally new site design.  It is 90% complete.
With the new system we will be offering an OPTIONAL one time $10 lifetime upgrade offer instead of paying $10 per upgrade per level.  This can save you $50.

For those that have upgraded already, we will be grandfathering you at the lifetime admin level.  For those that want to upgrade now, you can do so and also be upgraded once we hit the new system. Once we launch the new server, the lifetime upgrade offer will only be for new members only so get it while you can!


  1. Please do NOT tell people they can join, do nothing and get paid. While it is possible, it is unlikely because too many things have to happen for it to happen that way and it is not the way we want people to join.  The admin system does NOT "pair" you with people to pay you out of thin air.  It is based on a referral system and the efforts of the individual and their team.  Just refer one who refers one and you get your $25 back. Build a team and teach them to duplicate and you make a profit. Simple.
  2. DO NOT keep asking when the site will be fully ready as it only increases workload when our time could be better spent working on the site with our techs.
  3. The purge function will be turned back on as well as the 48 hour payment rule once the new server is launched.
  4. The Holiday Cash Contest is still active with $5500 in cash prized up for grabs. So "Grease Your Elbows" as they say in Nigeria!
Ultimate Cycler Review

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Please refer to the site home page and the back office for details and updates.
The Ultimate Cycler re-launch is going to be epic!
Ultimate Cycler Support Team - Not Ultimate Contact Phone number available
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