1.   Maintenance of peace and order is the banking premises.
2.   Directing visitors or customers within the banking premises to their destinations.
3.   Ensuring that trouble makes are arrested and dealt with according to the due process (in a polite way)
4.   Ensuing that bank properties are not tempered with (ie Damage by rain fire or stolen by any person.

5.   Delivery of goods either to or from the bank stores is not manipulated to the banks is disadvantages, by checking the way bills.
6.   Monitoring the  use of banks vehicles by recording its movement whenever and wherever it is going and by whom the car is driven.
7.   Offering protection to bank personals either in their qualities or in the bank premises as the case may be and all other persons or customers on visit to the bank.
8.   Assisting the bank in trines of emergency to restored a state of normally.
9.   Attending to visitors by going them a very worm reception but also stopping idle and unwanted persons.
10. Security personal must be stationed at the main entrance of the bank while the protocol officer is direct customers to their venues point of needs
11. Those on the main entrance should be given clear instruction to stop and check any unfair persons coming to the bank especially these carrying things like bags of all type.
12. All security personal should know that the states parking lot for cars must be separated for that of the customs for easy identification.
13. Security personal should not be engaged in other duties such as cash movement or helping bulk counters changing wrappers etc.
14. Security personal (must) remain at their duty post at all true any security personal engaging in other duties should be relied of his job.

Leadership can simply be put as the qualities possessed by an individual that draw the willingness of his subordinates to respect and follow him willingly. We have many types of leadership in our society namely but a few of  them as shown below:-

1.   Religion
2.   Political
3.   Organization

In an organization like ours leadership is of prominent importance and it is this that can easily distinguish and help achieved our roles. Bad leadership will definitely run any organization. For a leadership to earn, respect and willing fellowship of his subordinates must possess some certain qualities in him. Over the years, the have been a lots of research into what makes some leaders successful while others failed.
A lot of researches have identified some common qualities among well-known successful leaders let us look at some of these qualities as shown below:-

1. KNOWLEDGE:- A leader must possesses the professional knowledge. He should be conversant with the details of his job, to enable his subordinates in coming up. Regular shown of ignorance in professional knowledge to your subordinates lower your respect and certainly portage incompetence as a leader. He must also be conversant with the current happing in his profession.

2. COURAGE:- A leader must be seen to shown courage and exhibit a high level of boldness, lack of courage could easily be seen and taken on cowardice.

3. ENDURANCE:- The must be the precedence and ability to work and continue in the face of odds until the task is accomplished.         
4. TACT:- A leader must be tactful. He must have the right approach in his relationship with others he should be polite and considerate in dealings with others this will enable his deal successfully with others.
5. LOYALTY:- He must be capable of being relied upon for support even others run counter to his opinion. He should be loyal to both the senior and junior alike. His support must be consistent.

A leader must possess such qualities that earn his support form his superiors and subordinates. Those enumerated above should be seen as those identified so far. A leader therefore, should possess a personality that is inspiring to others.    
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