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Martins Library publishes research papers, reviews and short communications in every educational area of research like Books, Projects, Seminars, Journals, Workshop Papers, different subjects and topics on Economics, Microbiology, Health, Agriculture, Administration, Biology, Malaria Aquaculture,  Education, Industrial Training, Law, Biochemistry, Rocks, Geology, History, Fishery, Nursing, Human Anatomy, Food Science And Technology, Physical And Health Education, Medicine ,Management, Banking And Finance, Medical Laboratory Science, Accounting, English Language And Literature, Infertility, Marketing, Psychology, Chemistry, etc including topics on agronomic management, plant nutrition, plant physiology, cell biology, molecular biology, biotechnology, medicinal properties, phytochemical constituents, fitoterapia, pharmacognosy, essential oils, ehnopharmacology and phytomedicine and any other topic not mentioned here.

We also publish News & Headlines from Nigerian Newspapers, Sports, Arts & Culture, Jobs, Life-Style, Music, Tourism, Finance, Technology, Politics, World News,  Online Business, Entertainment, Viewpoints, Editorial Columns, Cartoons, Jokes e.t.c

Martins Library is fully committed to providing free access to all articles as soon as they are published. We ask you to support this initiative by publishing your papers in this library.

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