It is an indisputable fact that the advent of computer as transformed the face of business transactions in the globe.  The object of this work is to evaluate, the role of computer in management information system and its implications on the Nigeria economy. It would examine the areas this electronic device has contributed towards the activities and development of the Nigeria economy.

Because computer or applied could be used in several areas of human endeavor, it has been described by some people as an inheritable belonging by right to any one who hers seven born into the present created a new world and this is for the computer users to explore to their benefit.
            Today computer could be applied in diver’s areas. These include the following: Education inherited, companies, hospitals, government, court of law, homes economics, and the military and in finance. Others are accountancy, science, planning, forecasting or government audit or auditing generally. Computer could be used during wars to locate enemies etc. in-fact computer could be used or applied in almost all aspect of human endeavor. To this effect one could say that computer application has contributed positively and of course negatively towards human and economic development throughout the whole world.

            The device computer has been seen from different perspectives by different people, and therefore has been defined in different ways. Some of the different definitions given to computer include: computer or defined as an electronic machine that can be used to carry out various functions with the aid of programme or software. It could be viewed as an electronic device that is made up of physical parts called the hardware and the non-physical part called the software. It accepts data, instructions or commands, processes data and produces results. Other definitions are that computer is a programmable automatic electronic machine capable of processing particular data sent to it and comes out with the result or output which can be stored for future or immediate use as the case may be.

            Various areas of business organization now need and use computer in their daily operations and some of there areas are as stated below:
1.                  COMPLEX CALCULATIONS: In large organizations where transactions generate huge figures daily, the calculations are done easily with the use of computer than manually so that calculations that would have taken homes or even days are done in a second. This has in cursed the speed and convenience of business transactions and made it more fascinating to the participants
2.                  STORAGE AND RETRIEVAL:  Computers have brought marsive storage benefits. A single CD-ROM for instance can store pages of text, and a database can draw together information from across the business. However, the absence of a single, physical location for information can cause problems with duplication of work, the inability to find the right file or the use of data documents. Investing in documents management software or an internet can remedy these problems. They allow staff to store documents in one location where several people can work on them at the same time. Alternatively, a simple cost effective way of improving access to electronic information or by creating a filing and archiving procedure, setting out where staff must store files and how they should title them.
3.                  SHARING INFORMATION:  Sharing manufacturing information can speed up the production process without harming quality control. For example, using a virtual private Network (VPN) to share your production places with supplies lets them adjust their stock levels and processes accordingly. This can result in shorter lead times and make just –in-time deliveries possible.
4.                  OPERATIONS:  If you are working forward to creating a more flexible workforce, use information more intelligently or manage your process better, technology can help you create a learner, more focused operation.
5.                     RELATIONAL DATABASE:  if your business has many different sets of data or regularly changes price or product information, you could take one step further and invest in a relational database . this ensures that if you make a change in the pricing section of the database, that change is also made automatically in the accounts, invoicing stock and other price –related access too. It makes it quicker and easier to update information and your business can make better use of more accurate data. The more smoothly a company operates, the more profitable it can be.   
6.                    INTERNAL COMMUNICATION:  An internet is a network whose use is restricted to staff of the same company. Its main purpose is to share information and computing resources among employees.
An internet can be used simply to store contact details, corporate news and company forms, or as a complicated workflow management programme, it all depends on company’s needs and budget. 
7.                    WORKFLOW:  Companies with complex internal procedures or important quality control processes could invest in workflow management software to link and control the different stages of activities and documents. This could ensure that correct processes are fellowed and allows for management control and review.
8.                  FLEXIBLE WORKING:  Computer and internet access means your staff can now work much more flexibly. With the right security arrangements, they can work on –site, on the move or from home. The increasing availability and popularity of mobile  communications, such as personal Digital Assistant (PDAs) and WAP phones, also means it is much easier to work away from the office without losing touch. Not only can this flexibility improve productivity, it can be an excellent way of attracting and retaining skilled staff, many of which see the opportunity to work from home as a valuable benefit.
9.                  PURCHASING ALTERNATIVES:  Increasingly, on line market places that aggregate supply or demand are springing up. This incomes small purchases can cut costs with group discounts while small produces can band together to pitch for larger contacts. Some larger companies as also investing in online atones to simplify their procusement process. This allows them to management whole bolding process electronically and negotiate discounts from suppliers.
10.             STREAMLINING TRANSACTIONS: Working electrically with  your key suppliers can help cut time form he way you work and increase your efficiency. For example by exchanging orders and invoices for automatic processing. Transmitting data, including payment data electronically ensures tight, efficient control of the purchasing process and faster payment. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) can streamline transactions, allowing faster and simpler processing with less paper work and fewer mistakes.
11.             NEW MARKETING C HANNDS: computer and Sms (short messaging service, otherwise known as text messaging) offer exciting new ways to reach customers. The increasing sophistications of mobile communications means that you could also consider MMS (multimedia messaging), which allow you to send images or video or music, alongside a text message. Unlike advertising or direct mail, these are very personal media. You can time when people receive the messages and, in the case of computer, monitor with whom they share this information. Most interestingly for business, bulk use of e-mail can reduce the cost of message to only a few naira. This flipside of computer and Sms or the danger of over use, relevant or constant marketing can provoke a strong negative reaction. If you intend to run a computer campaign, you also need to have the facilities in place to handle the response. While you can encourage people to phone you or visit your website. Many may want to reply by e-mail. If you experience a surge in responses, using an automated e-mail reply will help you manage them without disappointing your customers.
12.             MAKING SALES:  Those are few more important an bases a does for a business than its sales team. As the public face of your company, it is essential you provide them with the resources to prevent your business in the best light. Using mobile communications, you can keep them in constant touch with the company. With a PDA or laptop, with internet connection sales staff can access information on the more. At a simple level, this can mean keeping up-to-date with any important developments in the business by e-mail. At a more advanced level, giving staff access to the company’s systems could give them the tools to clinch more deals on the spot. They could check stock availability, prices and delivering times, send orders back to head office and generate invoices.
13.             REDUCING THE COSTS:  Using EDI (Electronic Date Interchange) with your suppliers and customers can streamline transport, dispatch and money transfer and minimize the documentation, charges, risks and delays of culency exchange.

1. Easier computation of results:
   Usually examination results such as JAMB and WAEC are too numerous because of the number of candidates involved. Thus, much time is consumed in the process of making the papers and releasing results . but with the use of computers examination paper that run into hundreds of thousands are marked, completed and released within some few hours to the delight of everyone.
2. Calculations:  The Arithmetic and logic unit (ALU) of the computer is responsible for performing computer calculations. This unit calculates within seconds figures and complex numbers of large proportions that would have been difficult or even impossible if manual approach were used.
   Computer has reduced the difficulties experienced by different persons engaged in the business of mathematics. It or quite facauating to observe low fast a computer can perform complex mathematical operations using he appropriate programme software. This makes for faster, more accurate and reliable management decisions in an organization, immixtures and government units.
3. Used in Hospitals: Computers are used in hospital to detect hidden sicknesses and perform very complex operations. So that results of tests that would have tested for weeks take just some dap or hours to be released with exactable.
4. Auditing Work: One of the most important use of computer application is its operation in performance of audit work. The computer is used save to store data, calculate figures, send information and retrieve them when the need arise. This enables management make informed decision with high degree of accuracy and reliability.
5. Accountancy: In the present business world, transactions cannot be handled effectively without the use of computer and an accountant cannot do without a good knowledge of computer because of the reason, already adduced.
6. Tracing stolen items: Micro-chip could be inserted in any thing that needs to be trailed or guided and without the knowledge of the of computer because of the reasons already adduced.
7. Tracing stolen items: Micro-chip could be inserted in nay thing that needs to be trailed or guided and without the knowledge of the user could be traced with the report of the micro-chip to any destination where the object or placed. This would be to the charging of the unsuspecting user.
8. Used in Hotels: Satellite computers could be used to view any activities of all the occupants a large hotel establishment, so that anytime the visitors plan any mischief it would be unraveled by the satellite mounted unnoticed to guide the hotel.
9. In ministries: Computers is in wide use in government ministries to perform audit and accounting duties so that error and fraud could easily be detected. Although it has not been able to eliminate their anomally, it has reduced it to the minimum level.
10. At home: Computer or equally used to perform certain task at home.  Personal computers and laptops are used at home by families to store data and keep vital information in-fact families are computer receptacle for important records. This is because these records could be retrieved anytime they are needed for referencing or for other uses.

                      The increasing use of computer for data processing will assist the practice of management in the following ways.
1.   Computer ensures accuracy of processing once data have been fed into the system.
2.   They provide rapid retrieval of information for instance, the status of supplies account could be viewed on the computer screen.
3.   They enable individual managers to obtain access to information needed
4.   They can carry out calculations that would be time consuming or practically impossible by other means.

Specific access of application with regards to planning and budgetary control includes:
·     Linear programming to establish optimum production level.
·     Trend analysis for sales forecasting
·     Marginal cost and revenue calculations for profit maximization
·     Profitability calculations relating to investment education or budgetary.
·     Complete demonical modeling to predict the financial effects of plans or proposals
·     Updating of standards under a standard under a standard costing system, or budget under a system of rolling plans.

1.      It makes operations faster and also management decision making
2.      Computer applications reduces stress or the rigour involved in manual operations or financial transaction
3.      It is more reliable because once the correct data is fed into the computer it is save to give out accurate result or information
4.      It increase or maximizes profit in business organizations
5.      It enables government to meet its operating cost and improve management performance
6.      It helps in coordinating the national security network
7.      Commuter through its activities has made the entire universe a global village
8.      Computer helps in storing and retrieving information’s
9.      Computer is an aid to crime reduction.

1.      One of the greatest disadvantages of the use of computer is the business of lackers – experts in criminal computer operations, who use their exceptional computer expertise to invaek accounts in the web and therefore can transfer huge amount of money in the accounts of persons or companies encourage stealing.
2.      Computer technology like other technologies is expensive to operate
3.      the advent of computer has brought high degree of laziness among the people because every one is new dependent on the computer for memory and computation
4.      computer could only be used where there is electricity and adequate development because it cannot be used in the villages where there is no light
5.      computer contains to produce wrong information. If there is error in the data or input fed to the computer
6.      it cannot recognize errorous and accounted data
          The disadvantages of computer use mentioned above notwithstanding computer remains an indispensable tool in the in the economic development of the Nigeria economy. This is because the benefits of computer use or application in various fields of human endevour for outweighs the cavitations, hence the imperativness for in areas in computer used in the economy of Nigeria.
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