Nigeria is a country blessed by God immeasurably, but also a country which is among the least developed in the world, a country which has become both paradoxical and preposterous. Every year, trillions of naira are voted for various developmental projects, which end up inchoate, leaving the populace further devastated and ravaged by hunger and disease.

A country of misplaced value and inverted social economic misappropriation, a country peopled by complacent and in different masses who relish subjugation to liberty and freedom.

What of the lesson from our immediate neighbour –Ghana? Few years back, Ghanaians were immigrants in Nigerian, their males polished our shoes and their females warned the beds of our bachelors and even some of our married fathers. Now, just the iron will of one benevolent politician- Jerry Rowling changed the destitute position of the entire people of Ghana and reversed the tread of things, so that today, our ladies are painting the street of Ghana red with their womanhood, while our male are doing the most dastardly jobs for the Ghanaians. Even our rich politicians are quite happy to get admission for their children in Ghanaian universities. What a Metamorphous! No wonder, the few eminent Nigeria both living and dead have at various cried for our country.

The eminent Prof. Wole Soyika a man I am proud to make a paradigm, once warned, “ I could small the reactionary sperm, long after the rape of a nation”. Till today, and since then, the smell of the reactionary sperm is still on the air, choking Nigeria masses in form of unemployment, under employment, disease squalor, hunger, corruption, ten percenters, embezzlement, corruption, misappropriation, ethnic-ism, and selective application of rule of law among others.

The Governors and President each year set a caching on what should be their expenditures and it runs into trillions. This sum is approved for them by the Houses of Assembly in what is called budget. In less than six months, they have frittered away the sum in unfathomable venture and they run back to the Houses of the law makers with what they call ‘supplementary budget which sometimes equal the main budget. The houses immediately approves it because this is where the booty for sharing rests so that in less than one year of coming to political office in Nigeria the politicians would become landlords in such highly developed countries like America, Germany and others. Meanwhile a senior civil servant who is honest cannot own a serviceable motor cycle.

It has been stated quite after than no nation rises above the mentality of her citizens, therefore until Nigerian’s political class erases the mentality of super rich and supper poor and wear the mentality of we are all human beings, no re-branding or image laundering can cure our malaise. It is wise saying that the servant is not more than the master, But in Nigeria, our representative who were sent to hold political offices on our behalf have become our lords. That is the extent of our development and that is the major object of re-brand.
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