Lucrative Business Ideas | Thriving Business That Moves Fast in Nigeria

Lucrative Business Ideas | Thriving Business That Moves Fast in Nigeria

Lucrative Business in Nigeria 2017/2018 - White collar jobs are readily available in Nigeria these days and you cannot go on empty stomach because you could not get a federal job or fill a private vacant position in a private company. What are you going to do now so that you do not starve? Business. Yes, I said start a Business today.

You don't have to have millions in your account before you can invest in a business, you can start off with that little on in your hand. Now if are ready and you want to earn over 1 million Naira a year as a small starter, you should choose an area of your business very carefully. You can see a full list of Profitable Business in Nigeria that you can begin with little or no capital.

Written below are ten very lucrative businesses in Nigeria you can invest your little or big money and be sure of making millions back in few months in a year.

1. E-commerce (e.g. Blogging)

Blogging is pulling heavy weights in Nigeria these days. Young men/women are creating blogs and earning money from Google Adsense and personal Advertising. Electronic commerce is the easiest kind of business to start. The best thing about the e-commerce is that you have already millions of online “customers”. You just need to turn them into buyers of your products. Electronic commerce or ecommerce is a term for any type of business, or commercial transaction, that involves the transfer of information across the Internet. Read more about How to Create a Blogging here. I have also written "Simple Ways I made Money Online". If you doubt it, then see the Top 100 Blogs in Nigeria and how much they make monthly. You can read more online about types of e-commerce, e commerce advantages and disadvantages, e commerce examples, e commerce pdf, E commerce business, e commerce jobs, e commerce history, e commerce company etc.

2. Poultry Farms (Broilers & Layers)

Everybody eats chicken meat and eggs, but have you asked yourself about how they go to the market? They are reared by people like you and I. Some rear these birds in a big way but I have also seen people who rear it in their backyards because this kind of business is very lucrative. You should read How to Start a Successful Poultry Farm in Nigeria. Don't be very surprised even some foreigners (from Africa, United States, Asia, Europe etc) are coming to Nigeria to invest into the poultry business because of the volume of profit they get back. If you start with a farm of 1,000 chickens and will develop it properly, you will be earning nearly N30 million annually. Do not rush into the business without get some information about poultry house, vaccines and protection from predators. You can read about Some Causes of Failures in Poultry Business so that you don't fall a victim and loose your investment. You can Read more about Poultry Business Here.

3. Second Hand Imported Clothes (Okrika)

Sincerely speaking, I have currently not really written any on second hand clothes popularly called "Okrika" in Nigeria. However, it is a known fact that so many Nigerians prefer to buy used clothes (Okirika) which is of good quality instead of cheap fakes available as new clothes. The Nigerian Federal Government has band so many imported good in Nigeria including OK shoes. The good news is that the second handed clothes were not affected by the band, so you can import. Did you know that the cost of importing used cloth is very low compared to buying brand new foreign ones?, this guarantees good turnovers of your investments. You should have advise you customers to have Personal Hygiene; Wash before you wear your second hand clothes. While investing in the business, store your clothes in a fire proof shop. This was in the news few weeks back: N20m worth Okrika (Second hand clothes) Burnt in Gusau, Zamfara State Market

4. Snail farms

I will not say everyone eats snail but i know millions of people eat snail meat in Nigeria, whethher it is fried or used for cooking soup or stew and I have seen so many people making hugh prfits from the business and with that idea, I wrote about the Practical Methods And Easy Steps On How To Start Snail Farming In Nigeria | Download E-Book in PDF. After writing that article, I realized that most of these farms are quite popular in different states in Nigeria. You do not need plenty money to start the business because they need low investment to begin with and also, they do not need any special equipment or expertise. However, note that the snail business area is big, as well as the open market. You cal also read my article on Preparing and Packaging of Snail Meat for sale (exportation)

5. Fruit Juices

Are you aware that Nigerians consume more fruit juice than any other people on our planet? Don't be surprised, we love good things and scientifically, some Fuits could help you loose Weight. I personally bought a fruit squeezer from a supermarket so that I can make my own fruit juice when I'm less busy, but believe me when I say it that I have not even opened that carton in months because i could be super busy. I always end up buying fresh fruit juice from a superstore / supermarket near me. This also occurs to other Nigerians because they have to attend to more pressing needs in the family. Now the question, who makes those fruit juice we purchase everyday from stores and fast food restaurants? It's someone like you and I who saw the secret of the business and ventured into it. I may not provide you with links on How to Produce the Fruit Juice but a simple search will give you several results. However, I have written articles on Watermelon, Bitter Melon and Avacado Pear. From research, it has been deduced that this business may be tough and it needs big starting capitals, but if you are able to afford it – it is totally worth it. You can Click here to read detailed information about producing fruit juice

6. Oil and Gas Industry (e.g. Filling Stations)

The Nigerian land is blessed with milk and honey in the form of crude oil. This is to say that our land has great deposits of oil and gas in it especially for our brothers and sisters who leaves in the South-south and South-East. Nobody did anything special for the oil to enter our land so the land itself presents the best opportunity for its citizens and Nigerian in General. Did you know that most finest businesses in Nigeria started from owning of small filling petrol filling stations with only one pump or gas logistics? Yo should note that all these areas are always good for making money in Nigeria. However, this business is not for everybody because it could be capital intensive but you can start small if you can afford it. Find more details about Oil & Gas Industry here.

7. Professional Auto (Car) Wash

Many people think that washing some other persons car makes them servants and they may feel belittled. but hear this, I have seen several people who came to Lagos, Port-Harcourt or Abuja in three different occasions with nothing but today are millionaires because they started a car wash business. Many started without having any washing machine. They go to football centers, open bars / drinking spots or mechanic workshop to wash cars people's cars and get paid handsomely. They washed it it their bare hands with water and damp rags before they could get a place of their own. You can start with your place if you have the funding. The important thing in this kind of business is simply good management of staffs and a right place/location. Try to choose a strategic place for example in Lagos, Abuja or in other city overcrowded by cars and you will get clients that will patronize you. See this professional Car Wash Business Plan Sample.

8. Construction Materials

Every Nigeria wants to own his/her own property because of the increasing rates from house rents. This has increased infrastructural development because houses construction is on its peak simply because nobody wants to pay rent anymore. Constructional materials are numerous, they can  So if you will manage to become a local dealer of construction materials it will surely bring you some good money. You may say you don't know the particular ones to deal on, iif so, you cn choose from this list I have complied for you;
Steel framing systems, Mezzanine floors, Purlin and cladding rails, Portable buildings, Prefabricated buildings, Building envelope, Conformal coating, Damp (structural), Housewrap, Stile and rail, raised panel, wood clad, Access, sliding glass doors, tambour, Folding doors, garage door, storefront, Door hardware, AC power plugs and sockets, Circuit breaker, Electrical connector, Electrical wiring, Switches, Plaster & gypsum board, Cement render, Ceramic tile, quarry tile, pavers, mosaic, Dropped ceiling, coffered ceiling, Flooring – wide plank, terrazzo, carpet, Marble, Wall covering, wallpaper, acoustic, Paint, wood stain, faux finishing, Staff – a type of artificial stone, Stucco, Wood finishing, HVAC (Heating, ventilation and air conditioning), Furnishings, Fire suppression equipment, Structural steel: I-beam & column, Rebar, Wire rope and cables, Metal joist, decking, framing, trusses, Metal fabrications, Stairway, ladder, railing, grating, Strut channel, roofing (including copper), Decorative metal, Plastics, Plumbing fixtures and equipment, Building safety equipment, Security systems, Telecommunications equipment, Wood, carpentry, Rough carpentry (unfinished), Heavy timbers, log home, timber framing or "post and beam", Bamboo, Engineered wood, dimensional lumber, Stud, joist, rafter, Treated lumber & wood decking, Sheathing, subflooring, Panelling, Plywood, shiplap, tongue and groove, Oriented strand board, Parallel strand lumber or "para-lam", Glue-laminate or "glue-lam", Finish carpentry or "architectural woodwork", Veneer, plastic laminate, wood panel, Case-building products, Millwork, bookcase, cabinets, Ornamental woodwork, Trim, molding or "moulding", Windows, Casement, double hung, bay window, Curtainwall, skylight, dormer etc.

You can simple search online to see related to list of construction materials by searching; construction materials list PDF; building materials list and price; list of building materials for a house; construction materials name list with pictures; types of materials used in building construction; building materials and their uses; materials used in building construction ppt; list of building materials in alphabetical order

9. Rice farming

Rice is the most consumed food in Nigeria because it has a high Nutritional Value for health, especially in children who prefers to eat rice before the existence of noodle instant food. But the Cooking Quality of Milled Rice is still better because it not processed with any chemical. Nevertheless, there is never enough rice in Nigeria coming from local sources that is the main reason the Federal government imports rice from Thailand and China each year to fill the market. Now think about it, you should be ready to invest wisely in good labour and farming itself, but the result is worth it. Note that your rice could be seized by custom officers if you try to import it yourself without following the right procedure. Do a Google search to find accurate guidelines to follow. Read more about Rice Farming Here.

10.  Real Estates & Hotels Accommodations

Landed properties tends to increase in its worth daily because it is built on land and as we all know that land appreciates. The business with property is that it is capital intensive but it is also probably the biggest opportunity to make money in Nigeria. Its not like in developed countries where the Government build tall and magnificent building so lease. Invest in a small hostel or a mini motel or guest house as the case may be. Also, you can just rent some property. And then you will see how the money flow in at the end of each year while you rest and spend your money happily. You should read this article for more details: Real estate Business is Safe Wealth Creation, says Building Contractor

These are the few lucrative business I could discuss for today. Now come to think of it, between working for the Government as a civil servant and doing your own private business where you are the boss, which is more profitable? We have Detailed analysis - Find out here

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