Federal Govt Recruitment or Start a Business Program | Latest Jobs in Nigeria

Federal Govt Recruitment 2017/2018 Business Programs | Latest Jobs in Nigeria for fresh graduates and non graduates are available online from different Federal Government Offices in Nigeria with their headquarters in Abuja. All you have to do is to get first hand information about when the recruitment starts in an approved recruitment portal.

Federal Govt Recruitment / Business Programs | Latest Jobs in Nigeria

Millions of Nigeria are searching for jobs due to the high rate of unemployment in Nigeria. Different Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education produce graduates in thousands every years to join the labour market without a space for any of them to secure an employment.

Immediately young people graduate from school and complete their National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) which is a humanity service to our mother/fatherland, they grabs their mobile phones and computers or tablets and start typing different job and recruitment searches on the internet. These searches includes; federal government recruitment of teachers; federal government agency massive recruitment; vacancies in inec Nigeria; latest recruitment in nigeria civil defence; latest job in nigeria for fresh graduate; federal government recruitment programs; federal government recruitment at professional regulatory agency for various positions; federal government recruitment 2017; federal ministry of education recruitment; and a whole lot of others that cannot be contained in this article.

Apply for 2017 Federal Government Jobs Here

Start a Business in Nigeria | Latest Jobs in Nigeria

Who says that there are no jobs in Nigeria? There are several jobs you can engage yourself in if you didn't get a federal job. In my previous article, I have listed a handful number of Profitable Businesses you can start in Nigeria with little or no capital.  You could start a small business with a very small capital and with your dedication and hard work, it will grow from strength to strength. The business includes; E-commerce, Poultry Farms, Second hand clothes, Snail farms, Fruit juices, Oil and gas, Professional car wash, Construction materials, Rice Farming, Hotels & Real Estate etc.

See below for list of business you can engage in. Read them one after the other and choose the one you can do, then kick-start it immediately.

WARNING - You need to read about the business before you start with so that it doesn't collapse after sometime. You can search on this webpage to free of charge Guides and Sample Business Plan & Feasibility Study that will guide very well before you venture into any business.

List of Business You can Start in Nigeria with Small Capital

You can decide to get a loan from an investor who could be friends or family members. You can apply for loan from a bank but you will need to get Order a Professional Business Plan & Feasibility Study Report from Martins Library Team because it is one of the most important criteria required to get funding from any investor including private or commercial banks. This business plan will explain to your investor how you intend to run your business, get profits and payback within a specified period of time. However, please note that loans could come with interest rates from 9% to 25% to pay back within 3 to 5 years depending on the agreed terms of the loan/partner.

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