Is FIRS Recruiting Now 2017 @ FIRS Recruitment Portal 2017/18

FIRS Recruitment Portal 2017/18 updates - Federal Inland Revenue Service is a revenue collection done by the Federal Government of Nigeria using the website The careers application form (aspx) is used for applying for recruitment opportunities.

Is FIRS Recruiting Now @ This is a major question job applicants has been sending to our feedback data base. It is a now fact that unemployment rate in Nigeria is currently very high due to the economic recession and everyone is looking for a way out so that they can fend for their family.

The FIRS salary scale is always very attractive for all cadre or level of staff. Federal inland revenue service salary is paid every month ending and it is on record that they are never owed salary. This is one of the reasons over one million Nigerians apply for the FIRS recruitment.

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FIRS Recruiting Now 2017 @ FIRS Recruitment Portal 2017/18

The 201718 FIRS application form (aspx) is not yet available online for download. Please do not respond to all those online advertisement requesting you to contact them for FIRS recruitment and replacement jobs.
 Apply for FIRS

Federal inland revenue service aptitude test is usually written immediately after the recruitment process has been completed. During this period, it is recommended that you read past questions, GMAT questions and answer etc to get you prepared or the exams. Do not let anyone deceive you about the exams. Nobody has the authority to get you a pass mark or give you the job. Do not fall victim.


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