Guest Article Author at Martins Library - We Are Hiring Now!!!

We Are Hiring - Guest Article Author at Martins Library - We Are Hiring Now!!!

We are in need of an excellent online researcher and fast article writer.

The following are our Ideal Candidate:

  1. Do you have an excellent command of English Language?
  2. Are you very good at carrying out online research on topics especially product research and reviews?
  3. Are you very attentive to details?
  4. Do you have access to a personal computer?
  5. Very active to produce 3000 word article within a couple of hours during the interview using Microsoft word
  6. And very good at working with short deadlines
  7. Knowing how to develop a business plan / feasibility study is an added advantage

Interested Applicants can send their application and resume via email to:

Please send a sample of your original written work with your application.

Salary: Negotiable base on experience and competence. Salary is Very attractive!!!

Please Note: You must enjoy writing to apply for this job. You will need to write 3-5 articles daily.

That is a minimum of 20 articles per week. If you don’t like researching product online or writing, please do not apply for this position.

Only shortlisted candidate will be contacted via e-mail. Apply Now!!!

 Submit Article and Get Paid Instantly


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