January 13 2017 - Did MMM Just Unfreeze Confirmed Accounts Now? OMG

MMM Just Unfreeze Confirmed Accounts Now? Rumors has been flying up and down for the past few hours that MMM has unfroze all confirmed Mavro accounts that were eligible to withdraw money since last year. But how true is this information? You will soon find out.

Updates: MMM Resumes payment today - Click here to withdraw Money  Now

In this write-up, we will review the possibilities of the above information then so that everyone can know how to bank the expectations. As at the times of publishing this post, it has not been confirmed that MMM has unfrozen any account yet but hopes are very high now for over 3 million people in the country.

From time to time, we will be bringing you updates on MMM rozen and unfrozen accoount news and the level of tension in the minds of Nigerians who are members and or participants of the “Mavrodi Mundial Movement” money doubling scheme.

January 14 2017 - Did MMM Just Unfreeze Confirmed Accounts Now?

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It is reported that so many people has recharged their phones, subscribed their internet data bundle waiting to login to the MMM Office Portal so as to "Request Help" to get their money back immediately the much expected MMM website opens its access to "Get Help". It also has been reported that from statistics, more people will join the money doubling scheme called MMM Nigeria - Register Here

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