LAN boll groundnut is made up of allow capital venture aimed at creating income to we the producers, the distributors and as well as satisfying the urge of hunger.

Groundnut a daily consumption provides nutrients to to the body, it can be served during or after meal. For individuals that wants to keep mood going like during conference meeting, indoor party, for guest visit and for students during reading to keep up can go for these groundnut because it is affordable, available and attractive anytime.

Science has it that the daily consumption of groundnut improve health and promote digestion. So highly medicinal and goes a long way for both the young and the old.

Current status
Basically, groundnut is an agricultural products of both economical and health importance. It is a crop that has no specific planting time so all depends on the readiness of the farmer but most especially this crop is largely grown in the while regions of Nigeria and methods of producing differs but the abundance is great.

Regions of planting or where this crops are seen are seen are the south part of the country, the west (Ibadan), the north (Kaduna, Jos, Kogi) and the middle belt (Benue).

Development Plan
The production of this groundnut matters and in doing this one has to check on the supply of the product. For the groundnut when harvested are enclosed inside a shell which can be cooked and eaten or can be rested with fire and eaten, it can also be prepared in a moderate way of breaking this shell and the seeds are totally sorted out for other more processing.

This product can be package in nylon, bottled, package in plastic plates but because of considering the capital involvement we decided to keep ours in bottles gotten form empty wine bottles, bottled juice drinks which we gather from streets and other places.

Bottled groundnut is part of an appetizer just like snacks. It can be accompanied with bread to eat, for students who contribute much more to the economy of every state is our sole target because this individual are more or less not ready preparing food to eat, they either go for already made food or snacks thereby patronizing most restaurants and shops but when LAN botled groundnut comes into play, you see this students preparing a little or more like food of their own at home. In doing this they have multi choice of food either to purchase bread or soak garri to enjoy our tasty bottle groundnut for the richer students, the low income students can either use biscuits or event eat it that way which digest it with water which can keep the student up for some hours.

Development plan
Just as one can not do without water, so also we intend making Lan bottled groundnut everyone’s favourite. Taking a very look of Aqua Raph water that covers the metropolis of both Enugu and Ebonyi is a household name and in making this effects, multitude of people will be reached enriching our pockets and keeping that evergreen smile in people’s face.

The processing of groundnut into the LAN bottled groundnut demands a few effort from transporting these groundnut from neighbouring farm lands down to our firm for the processing.

The groundnut are first dried using natural sunlight for the purpose to remove the moisture content in them. After which a big pot containing sharp sand or any dry sandy soil is heated in the fire for about 5-10 minutes before the groundnut seed are poured into the pot.

Before the frying not the groundnut seeds, they are first selected to remove rotten or bad seeds and then washed with water containing salt before drying in the sun.

The frying of the groundnut could either be done using stove, firewood or charcoal. When frying not much heat is needed not to over burn the groundnut seeds but little to also preserve the shelf life and the nutrients it contains.

After a period of 20-30mins, the seeds are filtered from the sand and poured into trays where they are allowed to cool. This process is done continuously till the whole groundnut seeds are fried. The sand are however not bought just the gift of nature so you see that is less capital intensive.

The only materials involve in producing the LAN bottled groundnut are as follows;

Condemned materials dealers (per bottle) farmers
399 and above
Groundnut (per bag)
Sea shore (Beach)
Bucket full
One packet
Borne hole
25 litlers
One bundle

When 300 bottles of groundnut are distributed into the market, calculating general expenses it is stated as follows;

300 bottles x N250

= N75000

expenses = bag of groundnut = N3800

300 bottles(20) = N6000

firewood = N120

salt = N50

Total = N9970

when capital invested and the profit subtracted you see that much gain s been made by LAN bottled groundnut providing profit to the market trader and employment capital investment = N9970 – 300 bottles of groundnut sold at N250 gives you 300 x 250 = N75,000

:. Capital – sales

= 9970 – 7500

= N65030 profit

Huge profit are made when carried out monthly leave us with month watering profit.

Other materials are the trays, measuring cup, spoon, fitter basket and cooking apron.

The use of firewood is not because it is affordable but because a bundle can be used to process 11/2 bag of groundnut keeping extra pray for the individual and is more cheaper compared to the steady increase in the cost of kerosene and gas which can only be used to process not up to a bag of groundnut. For a beginning investor, the bases of capital matters and the expenses during production depends on the benefit of the product.

After the products are cooled, the main activity of shoving off the chaff from the seed is done by hand so that there will be no loss. When the chaff re finally removed carefully, they are now also selected to remove the broken seeds from the other seed before packaging.

Moreso, the seeds are carefully packaged into already sterilized bottles with tight cover to prevent air entering to cause loss in value and taste before our products reaches our final consumer. While those seeds that are broken are also packaged in nylon and sold to people using them to produce groundnut paste used in eating garden egg.

Business Environment Analysis:
Current Status
The location of our firm is not a crowded area but the environment is productive and conducive because there is presence of beach that is available for our sand, constant light to enable as carry out the production even at night and also available water tap. So deliver effectively without extra-charge coming out from our pockets.

Development Plan
The people of Benue are known for their agricultural harvest yearly and this being the bases provide us supply of groundnut seeds. The supply of this groundnut seeds are the farm lands or from the storage house of the farmer when not in farming season so constant supply are present.

This groundnut seeds are widely patronized by both individuals and market dealers for sales or consumption. So producing the LAN bottle of groundnut show uniqueness in what the general public is already aware of but lathing have a taste different from what they could prepare in their homes makes us unique.

Because also groundnut can be found in shops, markets, even those hawkers gives us concern and it brings about the competition which we decided in locating ours at Obolo town where they sample majorly fruits but raw, ripe, processed just the way you want it makes us cutting in and taking our own part of the nations economy by getting closer to the farmers which we buy from and after processing we sell them to markets, shops and even parks to put up much fight of awareness.

Market Analysis

Current status: The production of bottled groundnut is widely known. For most produces of bottled groundnut they have generally tried in providing this product both in markets, shops and parks.

Development Plan
The productions of bottled groundnut have encountered many challenges in which many producers tend to over look. The vital ones are as follows;

The packaging bottles lack uniformity, most people use al manner of bottle even making their products loose those flavour taste. For LAN bottle groundnut we properly dry these groundnut seedlings after frying before packaging and before packaging the bottles are properly sterilized and light weight bottles are used because it would not be heavy in the hand of the buyer and the taste will last longer.

Furthermore, when sold to market trader who will sample it for days during which patronage will come, the product is safer for the buyer and it is also attractive because of the bottle sample and preventing air to lick into the bottle because it is well sealed.


We intend creating a medium where LAN bottled groundnut will be affordable and also ever steady in the market. Most producers in the market distribute their products to make profit but LAN bolted groundnut has come to provide both profit for us the producers market sellers and provide satisfaction to our final consumer.

Development plan
The market survey gathered has given us something for us to consider and because we aimed at providing both profit and employment we however have detailed our products price tago as follows;

LAN bottled groundnut Price
Big size 250
Small size 120

For other bottle groundnut in the markets theirs are as followers;
price (N)
Big size 300
Small size 150

For our big size and small size our marketers have profit of n50 and N30 respectively. Because of the price difference, and provides much profit for the seller.


The choice of making our products bottled is not because others are making theirs in plates, sachet or even bottle but uniqueness is the major factor of every business. That is why we silted this firm at big Obolo town of Benue state.

Locating our firm there is firstly, the nearness to greater number of farm lands for constant supply.

Secondly, taking the estimate of the population of people was estimated to 7.3 million people with their major occupation and economic reserve based on agriculture.

Thirdly, the big city serves as a trade center to neighbouring states and also export channel for countries like Nigeria and Mali which will promote our basic profit weekly and monthly.

Current status
However, having had products processed just adding more basic processing before consumption gives us a better edge because we partner with mainly farmers and condemned materials dealers providing both profit and employment for peoples.

Management and Organization
Current Status: Providing uniqueness in any product makes one go extra mile in keeping to his word that’s why we at LAN bottle groundnut want to put style into this business.

There is no need employing most highly educated or professional experts is just a basic that needs style, improvement and constant production. It can be prepared anywhere and anytime as long as the materials are all available.

Development plan
We plan on making steady supply that will cut across the demands for products such as bread and sachet water. The awareness goes beyond having our product in the market but at a affordable price one can quickly get LAN bottle groundnut.

The products are processed right form the house where it is conducive and after processing the marketing commences because we retail them in large quantity to shops, hawkers, traders and even to school entry.

Generally, we upgrade our distribution utilizing both public and individual media and awareness campaign to create super awareness to draw attention of distributors subsequently depending on the sales.

Financial Plan
Current status: Basically, the start up capital depends on individual but just as the country is sounding the trumpet of self employment one can invest a capital of N6,000 for a start and subsequently invest more depending on the sales.

Development plan
When one invest a total capital of say about N5000 to N6000 for the production of the bottle groundnut, first the production rate will be checked so as to enable one after production there will be available funds to transport or distribute these products after production.

For a production of 20 bottles of groundnut will leave the producer with profit of N500 to N600 after production if well managed.


Currents Status

No capital is too small to invest in any business what matters is the total profit made after production and expenses. So therefore proper management provides adequate functioning.

Because of cutting down on expenses, we make sure our groundnut seeds are ever ready and fresh. We also gather other materials needed for the production in smaller quantities which we can store and use for future production.

Development Plan
For proper freshness of our products, we produce quantities in bits not to have massive production that will end up creating loss to us and the seller so we always go for booking production and prepare very few not to cause wastage.

During processing, the broken groundnut seeds are sold to people who to groundnut paste in turn brings no income to invest more.
Current status
For every business, the bedrock is profit making. We however try as much as possible to make our products that is new into the market to be acceptable through cheaper price and product uniqueness.

Development plan
Even making groundnut one’s daily meal does not have any side effect but provide nutrients or vitamins to one’s health. The effect that LAN bottle groundnut creates is making our products to outshine other bottle groundnut in the market through.

First, the bottle groundnut even in their bottles can also be exposed to heat and they can quickly loose value that is why we plan on making product after production and packaging we try to seal them to prevent air and other exposure to the environments secondly utilizing uniform bottles makes our products unique compared to all manner of bottle use in packaging the bottle groundnut.

Thirdly, we package LAN bottle groundnut in light bottle not to give weight to it when purchase by our customers for easy convince.

Finally, bottle groundnut is defer and hygienic compared to nylon packaging and should be patronize not because is bottle groundnut but because it is LAN bottle groundnut. 

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