Most Nigerian Companies Graduate Wish to Work | Top 10

Most Nigerian Companies Graduate Wish to Work | Top 10

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Well,it is well known that every Nigerian Graduate wants to work for a company that pays well and has a lot of benefits, however the rush towards big multinational corporations especially in the oil and gas sector.

Nigerian Companies Graduate Wish To Work

As of Recent we carried out a mini survey on companies that Nigerian Graduates want to work for and the result was not so far from my expectations. 100% of the respondents chose a multinational corporation: 80% of the 100 chose companies in the oil and gas sector, while the remaining 20% chose other multinational corporations.

Furthermore, from the search conducted we have drawn up a list of the top 10 companies Nigerian graduates want to work for. These list is based on the responses from the survey not on the salary structure of the company.

IBM (International Business Machines):  Corporation is a multinational I.T company. It deals mostly in technology and is also a consulting company. They try to come up with innovative ideas that can make the world a better place. Why do people want to work for them? The salary! The salary of an average worker at IBM per year sums up to N2,555,455 per year with other benefits.

Microsoft: Is also a multinational corporation that is also into technology. The company manufactures phones, software packages amongst other things.  Everyone knows this company belongs to one of the richest men in the world at a point. So it’s only right that graduates think that this company will be able to accommodate their salary targets. They are however not wrong, an average worker at Microsoft earns N1.2million and N1.8million per year, along with health insurance and other packages.

Mckinsey:  Is also a multinational company that is focused in driving economic growth in Nigeria, they have helped drive key economic sectors in Nigeria —including oil and gas, financial services, telecommunications, retail and consumer goods, agriculture, and the public and social sectors. Mckinsey is especially hard to get into with all series of tests and interviews; however, the most attractive thing about working for this company is the salary! It is quite unbelievable that a company that is based in Nigeria pays that much. I guess that’s why the entry process is so hectic.

 United Nations: This one was a bit surprising, but after checking it out. The United Nations is focused on all round development in Africa and its countries. The major reason why most Nigerian graduates want to work with the UN is because of the attractive pay and the rumor that Nigerian ministers are picked from the UN. A consultant in the UN earns about $6,844 per month.

Nigerian Breweries: Is Nigeria’s pioneer and largest brewing company. The company is the sole producer of Star, Heineken, Gulder, Goldberg, Life and others. The salary and benefit package that comes with a job at the Nigerian Breweries is quite attractive. A sales representative earns nothing less than N134,181 per month while a management trainee earns a minimum of N289,000 per month.

MTN: MTN nigeria is a part of the MTN Group which is one of the leading African cellular telecommunication companies. Little wonder everyone wants to work for them. The salary package is also very attractive. A customer care representative earns between N77,000 to N83,000, while a program manager can earn as much as N8.3M per year.

GLO: Is also one of Nigeria’s leading telecommunications company. Glo despite the fact that it is privately owned has proven to be successful over the years. Being Nigerian based it has operations in Benin, Ivory Coast and Ghana. On the average, a customer care representative earns  N109,909 per month.

Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas Company (NLNG): Is one of the companies that almost all fresh graduates have their eye on. Not just because it is in the oil and gas sector, the salary package is attractive as well as all the benefits that come with working with them. A graduate trainee earns between N4.8M and N5.18M per year. This doesn’t include the travel allowances, the wardrobe, housing, health care benefits that come along with the job.

SHELL: Is one of the leading corporations in the oil and gas sector in Nigeria. Most graduates want to work with Shell mostly because of the payment package but asides that most want to work with them because of their training programme. Their training programme covers all areas of your job description; they give you an in-depth look into your job description. A manager at Shell earns as much as N24.2M per year alongside health care and pension plans, and also allowances.

CHEVRON: Is the third largest oil producing company in Nigeria. They work hand in hand with NNPC (Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation) and have assets on land and in near-offshore regions of the Niger Delta. An analyst earns about N19. 4M per year alongside health and pension plans and other benefits.

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