2017 NECO Geography Answer - Essay and Objectives Questions/Answers

2017 NECO Geography Answer - Essay and Objectives Questions/Answers

NECO 2017/18 June/July Free Geography Obj & Essay Answers Here: VERIFIED NECO 2017 Geography Objective & Theory QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS. However, follow the tags which are; 2017 NECO Geography Answer; 2017 Geography neco answers on 7 July 2017; 2017 neco human and regional geography answer; 2017/2018 neco geography essay and objectives questions and answers; 2017 free neco geography expo answers. Geography Practical Answer is here also.

Exam Date: Friday 7th July 2017
GEOGRAPHY 2 (ESSAY ) 10.00AM - 12.00PM

Verified NECO 2017 Geography (Obj & Theory) question NECO Free 2017/2018 Geography Practical Obj Theory & Obj Questions and answers has been posted FOR FREE, 2017/2018 NECO GEOGRAPHY THEORY ANSWERS NOW AVAILABLE.

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Question (1ai)
population density is defined as the number of persons per unit area of land or per square kilometre of land. population density of a country can be expressed as
population density= total population/ land area

Question (1aii)
birth rate: it is the rate at which children are being given birth to in a country. high birth rate may lead to population increase or over population while low birth rate can lead to under population

Question (1aiii)
Optimum population: optimum population is the number of people that can be supported by the available resources in an area, so as to achieve the highest possible standard of living

Question (1b)
  1. legislation against abortion: Abortion should be strictly abolished by the government so as to increase the number of children given birth to
  2. Absence of family planning or deregulation of birth control programmes to the public helps in increasing the birth rate
  3. Encouragement of polygamy:polygamous family should be encouraged so that the number of population can be increased
  4. Government incentives, such as free medical care, free education and as well as child welfare benefits

Question 2a)
  • i) Road transport
  • ii) Water transport
  • iii) Air transport
  • iv) Rail transport

Question 2b)
  • i) Presence of water fall and cataracts limits the use of rivers
  • ii) Presence of floating vegetation e.g water weed
  • iii) Seasonality of most rivers is a problem
  • iv) Water transport by inland navigation is too slow for people with perishable goods

Question 2c)
  • i) Rivers should be dredged regularly
  • ii) construction of canals to bye pass water falls and
  • cataracts
  • iii) Water weed should be equipped refrigerated holds

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Question (3a)
(i)Two characteristics features of cornubation are:
  • -It is formed when two or more towns merge
  • -Each of the merging towns retains its distinct identity

(ii)Two characteristics features of megalopolis are :
  • -it contains large numbers of towns
  • -Its growth is due to economic development

Question (3b)
Six functions of settlements are:
  1. -Military function:some settlement have been built for military reasons eg Kano and zaria
  2. -Commercial functions:Market centres situated in centrally located positions such as the meeting point of roads,rivers and railway routes eg Katsina,Kano and onitsha
  3. -Minning function:some towns develop as a result of the presence of minerals.it attracts the people who seek employment in the minning centres eg Jos,Enugu,Porthacourt
  4. -Cultural functionsSome towns perform cultural functions when they act as the custordians of the cultures of their areas eg Ife,Oyo,Benin,Kano
  5. -Resort functions:some towns provide resort or holidays to people to rest eg Jos in the jos plateau is used as health resort by many Europeans who work in Nigeria because of its cool climate
  6. -Administrative function:Some towns act as the administrative capitals of their state.The seat of government is located in these towns eg Abuja is the capital of Nigeria,Oyo as the headquater of yoruba kingdom,Benin as the capital of Edo knigdom

Question (5b)
  1. -Unfavourable government politics do not allow industrilization to thrives
  2. -Heavy tax placed on the industrialist mitigate against the sucesses of it existence
  3. -Lack of motorable roads for the smooth conveyance of industrial goods from production sport to market has hampard industrialization
  4. -Epileptic power supply which makes the industrilization to resort to using costly energy has hampard the program of industrialization

Question (5c)
  1. -Government should ensure that the heavy tax rate levied against the industrialization are cut down
  2. -Motorable roads should be constructed across Nigeria roads to ease the smooth transportation of industrial goods
  3. -There should be alternative to hydro energy generated by the country to avoid over reliance on power
  4. -Government should avoid those policies that is repugnant to the setting up of industry in the country
2017 NECO Geography Answer - Essay and Objectives Questions/Answers

Question (6a)
  1. -Cooperation and development: To promote cooperation and development in all fields of economic activities
  2. -Economic stability: To increase and maintain economic stability within the community

Question (6b)
  1. -Language barriers: Official languages of member countries are foreign and varied: English, French, potuguese, thus communication problem
  2. -Political instability: Frequent change of leadership in member countries is a major problem
  3. -Recession: Global recession complicates efforts of the community and its members
  4. -ECOWAS fund:Inability of member states to fund is another major problem

Question (6c)
  1. -Establishment of funds for cooperation, compensation and development
  2. -The removal of custom duties on the importation of goods must be removed among members
  3. -Unity: The establishment of Ecowas has helped inuniting the people of member nations irrespective of differences in ideology,historical background,tribes,beliefs
  4. -The elimination of administrative restrictions:These and other restrictions on trade within the sub region are removed

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