Nigerian Army Recruitment Replacement 2017 - No Applications Yet

Nigerian Army Recruitment Replacement 2017 is Fraud - The online job fraudsters are at it again. They are now on the loose this new year and are looking for desperate job seekers to defraud them of their cash and other valuables.

As everyone in the country knows that times are very hard especially in this face of recession, it is also a known fact that many young Nigerians are looking for means of livelihood since the end or year and new year celebrations are over.

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This information is to notify the general public that some scrupulous individuals are searching for unsuspecting Nigerians with vision to joining the Nigerian Army to serve and/or defend their fatherland and from crimes and terrorism.

The aim of these fraudsters is to convince you that they have the connections and authority to place you into the military using replacement method (this is when a soldier resigns but his/her name is changed to another persons name). 

They are now sending emails and bulk SMS to millions of phone numbers they can lay their hands on, telling them of a recruitment and/or replacement exercise that is in progress and about to end. They will make use of convincing words and documents to back up their claims and sometimes puts fear in the hearts of their victims so as to collect money and other valuables before disappearing.

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You are thereby advised to ignore any SMS (text message), calls or emails in this regards. These mails are from fraudsters. The Nigerian Army does not and will never do any job replacement exercise. All individuals recruited by the Nigerian Army passes through the official Nigerian Army Website at All other links remain non-official.

Don't fail to Report all crimes to the Nigerian Police and/or Army closest to you. Lets join hands to fight corruption, crime and terrorism in the country. One Nigeria.
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