Unique International Secondary School was founded in September 30th 2009. The motto of the school is “discipline” and industrious. Our mission is to operate a school created, establish and directed by the almighty God” while our vision is “To create a conducive environment that will enable our children grow and develop positively, academically, socially, morally and thus great’

            The school is a government approved secondary school.
            Subject offered in the school includes; English language, Mathematics, Basic Science, Basic Technology, Agricultural Science, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Government, Economics, Commerce, Geography, Igbo language, Social studies, Business Education, Civil Education, Computer Science, moral instruction etc.

            Unique International Secondary School Jesus loves s all, we are unstoppable in spirit, to achieve our goal: responsible, obedient and trustworthy: discipline and industrious, that is our motto:

1.         Junior Female: Navy blue short and white short sleeve
2.         Junior Male: Navy blue trouser and white short sleeve
3.         Senior Female: As in 1 above but long sleeve shirt with navy blue                                   jacket.
4.         Senior Male: Navy blue trouser and white long sleeve with navy                                   blue jacket

1.         Obedience to the school authority you are obliged to obey the           orders of the school authority at all times and all places.  
2.         Respect for the office of director and principal willingness to            address them by the name “Director” and principal” respectively at            the times and at all places.
3.         Respect for the office of bursar
4.         Respect for the staff room. You cannot go inside the staff room as    it pleases you but as the masters dictate. You must seek the           permission of the staff before entering the staff room. Mind you             any act of disobedience to any of the teachers will certainly attract untold disciplinary action against such a person. 
5.         Do not remove any book or any equipment in the library and             laboratory respectively without due permission from the authority         to do so.
6.         Morning Function: each and every one of you is to be in the school by 7:00am on every school day and observe his /her morning             function which includes sweeping of classroom, office, verand as        and the entire school compound. This must stop before 7:25am         and everybody must have finished his/her own area/areas of work before time.
7.         Morning Assemble: This starts at 7:30am on each school day.            Each student is expected to be present on the assembly ground    while the assemble holds. Morning assembly ends of 7:55am and     roll call takes place immediately in various classes.    
8.         Lesson Period: It is both necessary and compulsory that each            student should be present in class during lesson periods. No     student should be outside the classroom unless with permission             from the class representative (prefect) who should issue such a         student with class exit card. 
9.         Games: It is good to note that we have much interest not only in        curricula activities but also in extra curricula activities. Therefore         we advice you to compulsorily participate actively in games. At             least in one.
10.       Corporal Punishment: This is not allowed in the school.          Disciplinary action should rather be directed to cutting of grasses         or other related work in the school. However, junior students             should obey their senior always, fighting or exchange of abusive      words also not allowed. 
11.       Use of chalk: No student should use the chalk let alone chalkboard without the order.
12.       Absenteeism from School: It is a serious breach of the school            regulation for one to absent him/her from school without          permission from the class form-master/mistress.
13.       Notice Board: the student should use the notice board only as an      agent of information but must not paste any notice on the board             without permission from the principal.   
14.       Invitation of parents by students into school cases: if any student     feels offended by the management, the staff or fellow students he       should report to his/her class representative who will inturn report to the school authority. The student may however wish to report       directly to school authority. Mind you that invitation of the parents         without first reporting to the school authority for action is a serious    offence. 
15.       Demand for money from parent guardians: Any student found           guilty of demanding money on false pretence from parents/           guardians will be given six strokes of the cane by the principal,             addition to two days manual work.     
16.       Academic Works : The portal objective of each students here is        shall remind the subject master the time to come and deliver their             lesson. They shall also report to the dean of studies or to the             principal any subject master who fails to carry out regular and          effective teaching. Any student who does not take serious his/her           studies shall be seriously punished.
17.       Stealing/ Pilfering: Any student found guilty of stealing/pilfering      shall be recommended for expulsion from the management.
18.       Gossiping/Carrying out false Rumours: Any student found     gossiping or carrying out false rumours with intent for disaffection         to someone or for deformation of one’s character shall be guilty of        an offence and on conviction be suspended for two weeks without   prejudice to any other legal action that may be taken against the         culprit.   
19.       Flying of Shirt: This is an offence which attracts strokes of the          cane. 
20.       Fighting: Student caught fighting in the school will be tried and on   conviction will:
            (a) be suspended for 7 days
            (b) pay for the hospital charge for treating any wound that is                    sustained. 
21.       Rioting: this is very serious offence: Any student found guilty of      this:
            (a) shall be suspended for an indefinite period
            (b) replace any material damage
22.       Manual Labour: all students must take part in manual work here on labour days. Failure to participate will be subjected to two hours           grass cutting unless those exempted from manual work.    
23.       Dialect Speaking: Students should not speak Agba or any other         dialect during school hours. Any student who speak dialect during     school hours should be punished.    
24.       School Competition: Every student must take part in the school        debate or quiz competition addition belong to at least one club or     society approved by the school.  
25.       Illegal Levy: Any student found guilty of collecting illegal levy from           other students should not only refund the amount collected but            should in addition be subjected to 2 days intensive grass cutting or       suspension for an indefinite period.   

            There are still latent rules which the students should use their desecration to notice and obey.
            Having made all these known, we would also say that any behaviour which is contrary to the above rule and regulations shall be property dealt with by the school authority. There  is therefore every need that the students should obey them.
            More so, we would add that the school has your interest and welfare as her first objective. We assure you every protection and obligations demanded of us, but you must also reciprocate ultimately, we promise you that before you will leave this school, you will be a complete man who will be able to distinguish himself any place any where.
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