Cannot Log into My Ultimate Cycler Account on www.ultimatecycler:com

Cannot Log into My Ultimate Cycler on www.ultimatecycler:com - This has been the highest search world or sentence that people has been searching on the internet for the past 48 hours since the Ultimate Cycler official website went off the internet and this message has been on the screen: 

"Be right back. we are experiencing some technical difficulties and are trying our best to keep the system available. Please check back in a few minutes..."

There have been pandemonium on the internet and in the lives of Nigerians since this message has been on the Ultimate Cycler website because people are afraid of loosing their monies. In our previous post, we gave you the Reasons Why the ultimate Cycler Website is Down, if you missed it, then Read it Here.

Since the temporal shutdown of Ultimate Cycler, so many users and subscribers of the Multi Level Marketing (MLM) scheme has been trying to contact the officials of ultimate cycler but the contact is no where to be found. Out of frustration, they have been calling phone numbers of bloggers who wrote articles on ultimate Cycler to either lay a complain or to request for help and guidelines. Our own Admins of Martins Library is not left out in this saga because people has been calling our business number to request information about either MMM or Ultimate Cycler.

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This is to inform the general public that we are not the admins of ultimate Cycler, we are bloggers and we can only update you with information we can lay our hands on. We always do research so as to keep our faithful subscribers updated with useful information about what is happening in any network business. We advice those people calling our business number because of Ultimate Cycler to stop calling because we cannot give you any direct information about their website. We urge you to continue checking our blog so that you can get new updates about the Ultimate Cycler.

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  • Please its one week since I joined the ultimate cycler but I haven't seen my payment up till now
  • I am have difficulties  logging in my account, I hope my money will not lost?
  • What of if I did not have somebody to bring, how do I get my pay or how long will it take
  • i want to apply for ultimate cycle to be part of cycler ultimate
  • I like to join ultimate cycler, pls can you help me
  • How do I join ultimate cycler? Please I want to sign in,as soon as possible
  • There should be an upgrade in the MMM because other network are out here and really driving faster than mmm. Pay more and less stress.
  • Register for the past one week now, I have not seen any payment to my account
  • I want to register to - confirmation for ultimate circler
  • Am a new member trying to register via the ultimate cycler site, but it isn't opening.
  • About ultimate cycler, after I ve registered two member,  I ve not receive any message or pay from any body.  Is that how the business runs
  • i want to check my profile on ultimate cycler - What is wrong with this site please,because am beginning to worry
  • Please I can't log in to my account and I have made payment of 12,500. Please what do I do? Help me
  • Pls I want to register into ultimate circle, how do I go about it? Please the network is too difficult to access please improve
  • Please is it a must that someone must register for me can't I register on my own
  • pls I am having issues with login in to the site,  some one told me dts because used my fone to register up-to 4 people. please what's the solution to this
  • inquiry about active up-liner to  register under - I was matched with 1 person but no one to march me.
  • What if I did not bring people to register under me after one week. Which is 7 days.
  • Mmm is the unbelievable platform I have ever seen it truly pay- I want to be part this business network
  • I need money, like seriously, please somebody should brief me on how ultimate cycler works to get N50,000 payment cash
  • Since I registered I can't get access to my account plz wat should I do - how can I login my ultimate cycler
  • For 5,000 naira I will upgrade you, if you register under me instead of 8,000 naira, then you save 2500 naira
  • please how will I know if the person I was matched to pay has activated me? if yes! how can I activate another person?
  • Hello, I am interested in joining icharity, but I do not have the time to do promotion. How do you assist me and how soon does one get paid or get 5 people
  • pls I wnt 2 login my user name n password on ultimate cycler? I want to register as new partiantant
  • pls I am fully interested and wish to be a partaker , I really need a group dat will make me grow fast , pls I need a gud upliner to pick me up from here . 081xxxxxxx. my contact number, thanks
  • I forgot my password on ultimate cycler, I can't access my account
  • When the ultimate cycler system automatically merges 4 people to pay me....will they all contact me for my account details to make payments
  • I can't log on to my ultimate cycler nigeria account, please what could be the problem

See When the Website will be Back

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This is one Funny Feedback we got Today

The real stuff is here. One of the best Networking business so far. - Ultimate Cycler is really the ultimate; u register with N12,500 only and get N50,000 in just one week. When you register, 4 persons will be paired to you and you will be getting N50,000 in just one week interval or less. You must not bring someone to earn your N50,000. Bringing someone only speeds up the process; i.e within 24 to 48 hours U'll start getting paid already, but if you can’t you still earn your #50,000 only that it'll take a week. For clarity, if I register 1 person, two things are involved; it's either d person is matched with me and pays me the N12,500 or I'm matched with someone else who has just been registered some where but d proximity won't b much though, n d person pays me. If d person doesn't pay me within 24 hrs, I'll not activate d person's acct n I'll still b matched with someone else. It's just making so much sense.*U want to join right?
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