Guidelines to Reduce Mobile Data Consumption on Android Phones, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Mobile

This is a simple guideline to reduce mobile data consumption on any Android phone, iOS, Blackberry, Windows mobile etc, so that you can enjoy your internet bundle page for a longer period of time. Since the invention and launching of android phones and some other similar recent Smartphone like blackberry and iOS, high data usage on the mobile platform became the other of the day especially for people that lives in Africa, Asia, Europe, America etc. A high percentage of internet users over these years have complained bitterly about high mobile data consumption on their android phones, and to add salt to injury, others has also grumbled that their mobile recharge / top-ups for making calls just get exhausted or simply vanish from their Android, Blackberry, iOS and Windows devices if they leave their phone's mobile data on for a short period of time.

Because of this fact, we decided to write this article that will help you and other internet users to understand how android system (most especially) works and how you can effectively manage your android phone, minimize the use of your mobile recharge top-up or completely stop your Android phone from ever making use of your recharge airtime credit and finally reduce data usage on your Android device (phone/tablet) to a minimal level to save tour daily, weekly or monthly data subscription.

The Android Smartphone operating system is designed and built with high technology software (programmes) and most of these software and applications runs and functions on the background (behind the scenes). These background running apps are designed to perform some functions without displaying on the screen so that the user can keep in touch with recent event and to notify you as events unfolds.  mostly those that gives you notification like your instant messenger Apps which includes Whatsapp MessengerWechat, Blackberry Messenger (BBM), Skype , Email notification, Whether, and more. 

The apps run performs most of this action using your data subscription, and when there is not data bundle plan, they function using your air time that was originally meant for your call leading to your airtime disappearance as some will allege. How to reduce to reduce data consumption on your Android The following steps will help you to reduce the rate of data consumption on your Android device.

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Guidelines to Reduce Mobile Data Consumption on Android Phones, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Mobile

Make Use of Compress webpage Browser:

Did you know that most browsers has high data consumption are? thereby leading to large data usage. By default, android web browsers has high data consumption rate because the browser supports java, flash players, etc which enables the user to stream videos, play animations etc. Other browsers like; Opera mini, Opera Mobile, UC browser etc comes handy when it comes to internet and/or mobile data usage, consumption and management. These browsers uses minimal kilobytes and megabyte to process and load a web page. With these points said, the tech engineers advises you search the web to download and install these browsers from Play Store to help lessen the amount of data you use when browsing the internet.

Uninstall unused Apps:

Did you know that most apps running on android background are not always serving any meaningful purpose to you but consumes your mobile data? These apps also consumes the memory space of the mobile phone. Don't you think it would be a good idea for you’re to uninstall and remove these apps or temporarily stop them from running and consuming your data. It is very easy to stop or uninstall these apps. To do this, go to "Settings" on the android device scroll down to application, and you will see the list of your installed application running your phone or tablet. Scroll down slowly and check very well for those apps you really don’t readily make use of, click on them and either uninstall or force to stop temporarily  if they can’t be uninstalled permanently (especially pre-installed app).

Activate 2G EDGE instead of 3G, 4G or 5g Networks:

Edge 2G transfers data at a slower rate while the 3G, 4g and 5g sends and receives data at very high speed thereby exhausting your mobile data. So our advice is this; switch your network to Edge whenever you’re not downloading large files. This is the better way to manage your mobile data usage because this can help minimize the rate at which the mobile data sends and receive data as well save your subscription cost and battery lifespan. To switch your data on your mobile, go to settings, click more, mobile network, network mode and select GSM only. You can always change this settings to WCDMA preferred anytime you want to download large files.

Minimize & Reduce App Data Usage:

It is very true that there are some important apps that we readily make use of that we cannot uninstall but we don’t want them to be running on the background and consuming data without knowing it. Now the question most people always ask; what do I do? and how do I go about this? The answer to the question is simple; you can actually place these apps on hold without having to uninstall it from your device. To do this process, go to settings on your phone or tablet, click on Data Usage, scroll down to see the list of apps and the amount of data they have used so far for the day or month, select the ones you decide to put its data consumption on hold, click restrict background data. By completing this setting, the apps will not be able to connect to network. You can choose to undo this anytime any day you fill like using the application again.

Switch Off Your Mobile Data:

You can switch off your mobile data to save your airtime or subscription data. This is the simplest method to restrict data usage when not in use. Note that you can no longer browse the internet, or get any instant messenger notifications. You can still turn the data on whenever you want to get notifications and browse the internet but it is advised that you use Compressed webpage Browsers; Activate EDGE instead of 3 or 4G network; and Reduce App data usage. Again, it is best advised that you turn off your data network when you don’t have anything to do with data network so as to help you save data and airtime. To do this, go to setting, click more, click on mobile network, Data connection, and click “Off”. You can choose to switch on your data on your android phone again anytime you want to connect to the internet and receive weather, instant messenger and email notifications. 

We hope this tutorial is helpful. If it did help you, please like and share. Drop your questions and contributions in the comments section below.
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