Yahoo Mail - Steps to Attach & Send PDF, MS-Word, Scanned Document, Pictures, Audio and Video files

This is a simple and straight forward guide on how to attach large files to Yahoo Mail. To be eligible to attach and send files through yahoo, you must have a yahoomail account. To do this, visit and follow the login process. If you do not have a yahoo account, you are advised to click here to Create a New Yahoo Account. Follow the guidelines of the tutor in that page and become an email account owner. 

As we all know, yahoo has a new display and simplified page design which enables every newbie to be able to access their mails, upload and/or attach large files up to 25MB before sending it to their various receivers. This step is to help users with a slow internet network to have also enjoy sending and receiving mails. 

The webpage now also makes it easy for users to download attached documents and files sent to their Yahoo Mail Inbox. Connect multiple inboxes. Now you can manage your Outlook (Hotmail) or AOL inboxes in Yahoo Mail. Search all your emails. Find the messages, documents, photos or people you need from all inboxes. Set up once, get it everywhere, Connect once, and see them automatically in your Yahoo Mail app. Yahoo Mail Password Recovery Options

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Steps to attach PDF file, Ms-Word document, Scanned Document, Pictures, Audio and Video files;

1. Login to your mail with your username and password
2. Click on Compose (Located at the left side of your computer or smartphone
3. Click on Attach file. It will show the following:
   - Attach from my computer
   - Share from Dropbox
   - Share from Flickr
4. Click on the one with "Attach from my computer"
5. Select the file you want to attach from the location you saved it.
6. The files will automatically attach the files into the mail you want to send
7. You should note that the files uploads depending on the speed of your internet
8. Write the subject of the mail for essay recognition
9. Include the receiver's email address before clicking Send
10. Click Send and that's all. - Yahoo Mail Updates now Available Here

Yahoo Mail - Steps to Attach & Send PDF, MSWord, Scanned Document, Pictures, Audio and Video files

That's the simple guide on how to send any type of file from a yahoo account. Hope the article helps? Please like and share.
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