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Free Online Plagiarism Checker and Advanced Premium Plagiarism Checker is an academic and blogging tool which compares your text with billions of online sources. Features: Plagiarism Checker, Grammar Checker, Professional Tutoring etc. We love original articles. If you love originals too, make sure your texts are unique! You can Upload your document from your desktop by Choosing a file in Word, text document or HTML (1.000 words or 300KB) Or copy & paste your text in the box made available by the website: 

Introduction to Plagiarism Checker

Search Engine Report Plagiarism Checker is the best free anti plagiarism checker on the internet today. Made with proper research of what the customers demand from a free plagiarism detection system, we have implemented all the strategies and tools required to make this the best anti plagiarism checker for everyone. We understand that students use plagiarism checkers to check for plagiarism in their essays and reports before submission and hence the Search Engine Report Plagiarism Checker has specifically designed system to help the students through their reports.

Search Engine Report Plagiarism Checker is the main spot for all the content writers and students to check their papers, reports and articles for plagiarism and grammar before submission. You don’t want your content to come out plagiarized and get in trouble for that. Neither do we! This free plagiarism checker for students checking out for plagiarism in essays and papers is the best choice you have made today.

Search Engine Report Plagiarism, also given the name of best plagiarism checker for students and the best free college plagiarism checker by many, has earned its title over the years after consistently serving as the best free anti plagiarism checker in town.

So no more of students crying that “is my paper plagiarized”. Use our tool right now and you will know that it is rightfully the best free anti plagiarism checker.

How the Free Plagiarism Checker tool works?

It is simple! Just paste your content in the space provided above and Search Engine Report Plagiarism will run it through its database of millions of website to give you the best Plagiarism checker report you desire. We will run through every word and every sentence in your content to give you an exact Anti Plagiarism report you want for your content, essay, article or whatever it is. Moreover, Search Engine Report Plagiarism Checker does not save any content searched through the tool. Our plagiarism checker offers free plagiarism detection for everyone from anywhere in the world. What more? You do not have to pay a dime or get rerouted to a bogus website to see the result. Our anti plagiarism checker is genuine and works best with your articles. So give it a try.

Understanding the Plagiarism results:

The results returned by Search Engine Report Plagiarism Checker will have red or green signals in them. Green indicating that your content for that specific part is plagiarism free but the red signal indicating that the content already exists on the internet so you need to change that.
Search Engine Report Plagiarism Checker will also provide the links of the websites it was taken from so feel free to go and have a look there.
Search Engine Report Plagiarism Checker is the best free anti plagiarism checker on the internet today so why wait? Just try!

Instructions to use Plagiarism websites

Instructions Paste your text to compare in the text box. We'll break it up into small fragments and scan the Internet for it. 

The free article checker is a tool that checks the web for plagiarism of your content.

Enter content by any one of the 2 methods below: 

  1. Paste Text To Check: Paste your text in the text box, then press the button. 
  2. Upload a file to be checked: (.txt or .docx) and click Check plagiarism. It will automatically start Checking plagiarism

You can also adjust the sensitivity of the search by using the slider bar.

Premium Plagiarism Checker

The difference between the free and the premium plagiarism checker is the registration money you pay the website own to have unlimited access to checking your words. Its faster, smarter and easy to use. Some added features may include advanced keyword search, search in batches e.t.c

Sign up now and correct your errors Additional benefits include: Error explanations and correction tips Context-optimized synonym suggestions. The sitte will show you that they have found significant plagiarism in your text and have also detected 4 writing issues.Correct them now

Citation assistance to help you avoid plagiarism
Why is the right tool for you? Its because Significant plagiarism can be detected for you. It can also check the following

  1. Grammar
  2. Faulty Tense Sequence
  3. Punctuation in Compound/Complex Sentences
  4. Spelling
  5. Confused Words
  6. Enhancement
  7. Correct words
  8. Style the writeup
  9. Correct misplaced words
  10. Sentence Structure

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Advantages of Premium Plagiarism Checker


Upload your document from your cloud or your computer.

Award-winning interface

Clear and accurate report - plagiarism highlighted in the document.


Always stay in full control. No one else has access to your documents.


No subscriptions, pay on demand with our easy prepaid system.

Here is how Premuim Plagiarism Scan works:

1. Upload your document: Upload the document you wish to check from your computer, the cloud or by copying and pasting it.The original formatting will be kept. Your document won't be shared with anyone.

2. Checking for plagiarism;  the Scan compares your document with:  Billions of online sources
 More than 20.000 scientific journals Your own documents

3.Your plagiarism report: Plagiarized text, potential plagiarism and citations are directly highlighted in the text. Sources are clearly displayed and accessible. The percentage of your text found in other sources is available.

4. Now it's your turn: Forgotten sources, lack of proper citation or potential rephrasing can be fixed!

Testimonials of Plagiarism website users

  1. Search Engine Reports Plagiarism Checker is the best free plagiarism scanner tool you are going to find out there. I have to regularly check plagiarism percentage in any article I post on my website. I am glad that I found this website.
  2. This plagiarism checker, trust me, has made it easier for me to meet my submission deadlines. As a university student, I need to check for plagiarism in every essay I hand over to my teacher. This is a great tool and I hope it stays free like it is. Cheers.
  3. As a fiction writer, even though everything I write is straight out of my mind, it is always better to double check for plagiarism because my clients are expecting my content to be unique. SER Plagiarism Checker is free and accurate.
  4. I would like to thank SER team for making this plagiarism checker available for everyone for free. I am a regular user of the tool and it really comes in handy. 5 stars for the team :)
  5. Studying takes a lot of my time. I’m so happy I found an accurate software that shows potential plagiarism in detail reports. It saves me so much time!
  6. Finally an affordable and accurate plagiarism detection! I always wanted to check my papers for plagiarism but could not afford neither monthly subscriptions nor expensive prices from the competition.
  7. Many thanks for replying to my e-mail so promptly and your solution. Really appreciate your assistance as I find PlagScan superb. I am over 60 years of age and any help I can get in my studies is great.
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