Presentation Analysis and Summary of Data
This chapter focuses on the presentation, analysis and summary of data for easy understanding, at this chapter presentation and analysis it first presented then followed by the summary of finding based on the question. Presentation and analysis. The researcher used frequencies and simple percentages to present and analysis the data collected. Question 1
Do Christian in Ishielu local Government Area. Effectively participate in politics.

Table: 1
No of Respondent
Percentage Score
Source: Field survey 2014
The table above shows that out of the 200 respondents, 25 of them representing (12.5%) say yes the Christians participate politics while 175 of them represented by (87.5%) are of the opinion that
The table above shows that out of the 200 respondent 40 of them representing (20%) says yes that politics is a dirty game and as such it should No go area for a Christian in Nigeria while 160 of them represented by (180%) are of there opinion that politics is not a dirty game from the a bone data it is clear that politics not a dirty game for Christian participation.
Summary of Data
Though investigation that has been carried out by the researcher in Ishielu local Government area. And its communities, villages that there are some factors that are responsible for effective Christian participation in politics.
In a nut shell base on the literature reviews and the result obtained from the data analyzed we can rightly summarizes that Christian in Ishielu local Government Area do not participate full in politics.

Chapter Five
5.1 Discussions, Suggestion, Findings, Recommendations, for further studies
This chapter discussions the results as obtained in chapter four of this work. The researcher intends to discuss the research question and response got from them.
Responding to question 1, in table 1, 2, 5 respondent, representing 12.5% agree that Christian in Ishielu local Government Area.
Participate effectively in politics while 175 respondent representing 87. 5% disagree this significantly answer the research question.
Responses to question 2, in table 2, 180 respondent representing 90% of the respondent agree with the researcher question while 20 respondent representing 10% disagree. Reponses to question to question 3, table 3 stated that 160 respondents representing 80% of respondents agree with the research question while 40-respondent representing 20% disagree.
Responding to question 4 tables 4, 130 respondents agree with the research question representing 65% while 70 respondent
5.2 Findings
After discussing and analyzing the result as stated in chapter four, this section shall state the findings of the work.
The finding would be based on the result and discussion earlier made.
The research found out that Christians in Ishielu locals Government Area do not participate effectively in politics, that corruption have gone along way in making it extremely. That God fatherism rubbishes in Nigeria politics in its present nuclear form makes it a no go areas for Christians.
That rigging at point is a warning signal for any signal Christian not to participate in politics.
5.3 Recommendation of the Study     
With due reference to the finding of this study the research put for ward the following recommendations.

v   That more stringent law be made against corruption in Nigeria politics. The money politics should be banned.
v   That God-fatherism should be abolished
v   That thuggrey with fine army during election be made a capital offence.
v   That rigging election at gunpoint should be made a capital offence.
5.4 Suggestion for Furthers Studies
The research calls for more detailed study on the topic being a very sensitive topic that needs utmost care. The research made bold to state that the research is not exhaustive in his regard. It is suggested that Ishielu is only one local Government Area out of 774 local Government Areas that this research be extended to other local Government Areas.

5.5 Conclusions  
In its present firm that is the way politics is being played in Nigeria presently, it does not all for effective Christian's participation.
Nigeria politics in its present form is characterized by corruption without a God-Father, will not you wine election, election is predetermined who gets what, where and when. The amount of money needed in Nigeria to be in politics is to say the least intimidating the way thuggrey is being practiced in this information age creates the impression that we are back to the stone age.
Elections are being rigged at gunpoint. Ballot boxes are being carried in broad day light with the aid of armed this No Christian worth his her calling will done participate in Nigerian politics in its present crude form.
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