Recharge card/voucher printing business has earned recognition over the years with many people joining the carriage almost on a daily basis. Personally I have attended several training workshops and seminars on recharge voucher printing. I even gave out the download link of the recharge voucher printing software I bought some years ago. Having tried my hands on this business, I have come up with the following facts or truths and wish to share it with my customers/subscribers.

The truth is that most of these seminar organizers don’t tell you the real truth about recharge card business. They feed you with lies of how you can become rich overnight by printing and selling recharge vouchers. I am not saying that one cannot make it from printing and selling recharge vouchers, but the bitter truth is that the profits you get from recharge voucher printing depends on your capital but increases over time with increased volume of sale. Recharge voucher printing is not a “Get Rich Quick” scheme as portrayed by many internet marketers and training facilitators. You have to understand that it grows over time and therefore you need patience, consistency and endurance to push through. Please think about this business before you even start printing recharge cards otherwise you might become frustrated in the first few months if you start with small capital (but the patient dog eats the fattest bone).
If you want to start seeing results early enough, then you need to start the business with a huge capital. Most of these training facilitators with tell you that you can start the business with as little as N5,000 capital and still make a profit of N120,000 monthly. That’s a very big lie. I can never say that to my customers because if you sow small, you will reap small and vice versa.

To be candid with you, it is possible to start this business with N10,000 capital especially if you must print the cards yourself. But you have to be aware there are a few things to buy before you can kick start this business.

For example, you need a Printer, a Computer (Desktop/Laptop), You need access to the internet to download your e-pins from the dealers (for those buying from a distant dealer), you need to buy the recharge voucher printing software & manual from us. – Click Here Contact Us

It is not compulsory that must print recharge cards to make it? You can decide to become a sub-dealer (if you decide not to print) by buying recharge vouchers in bulk form dealers around you and start reselling. You will still make money but believe me, not as good as those printing it originally.

One truth other seminar facilitators are not telling you is that the profit you will make from buying and reselling already printed vouchers is the same, if not greater than printing recharge vouchers is not necessarily true because a distributor cannot make money more than a producer.

Let me give you some reasons why printing recharge card yourself and buying already printed recharge vouchers in bulk and reselling is not the same in the business.

If you decide to buy already printed recharge vouchers from dealers, you will save money on acquiring a desktop or laptop computer quite alright, you wouldn’t need to buy a printer, you wouldn’t need an internet connection, you wouldn’t also need a printing paper.

But if you decide to start the Recharge Card Printing Business in your home or office, it’s like a lifetime investment because any of the material you buy is a onetime purchase and also becomes your personal/business property. You can use your computer, printer and paper for other office/private purposes. You can even re-sell the software your to a anyone if you have the full rights from us. The manual we give you contains so many e-pin dealers, so you can decide to buy from any dealer of your choice or even become a dealer yourself instead of being a marketer for somebody else.

Now which one do you prefer? Is it to work for somebody or become your own boss? The choice is yours and yours alone to make.

If you are thinking of where to find the recharge card/voucher printing package which contains dealers from where you can buy recharge card bulk e-PINS, don’t worry, I have compiled a list of bulk recharge voucher dealers and e-PIN prices. This package contains the phone numbers, office and email addresses and even website addresses of all the dealers from different states in Nigeria. So what are you waiting for? To order this package CLICK HERE

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