Dictionary defined LIFE as a manner of living or liveliness. It defined its meaning as the period between birth and death. People on the other hand attach different meanings to LIFE as their understanding permits them. For one to get the real meaning of LIFE which is beyond dictionary explanations and above mortal understanding, the person must reconcile with God. It is only God who can give a man the real meaning of Life because God is LIFE.

Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the LIFE (John 14 verse 6a). He and the Father are one (John 10 verse 30). He is the only way to the Father who is LIFE. Jesus Christ is the Bread of LIFE that God gave hi (John 6 verse 35a) and anyone who receives Him will never lack LIFE. The Person will have eternal LIFE (John 3 verse 16) ones he believes in Him without reserve. Jesus Christ is the Word that became flesh (John 1 verse 14a). This dazzling LIFE in its totality is only gotten from God and can be definably God alone.

I strongly believe in my heart and also convinced that God will lay the meaning of this LIFE strongly in every heart that desire to have it. Mv prayer is that you be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ as you receive him the Bread of LIFE who has the seal of approval from God the Father (John 6 verse 2 Tb). Only God gives this priceless LIFE and it is through His Son Jesus Christ. The meaning of this LIFE cannot be exhausted in this article because God is LIFE and He works in mysterious ways.

God is LIFE Himself and equally full of LIFE because;
God gives the Bread of LIFE (John 6 verse 3’5a).
> His Word is Spirit and is LIFE (John 6 verse 63b).
> He gives the Living water (John 4 verse lob).
> He has the River of water of LIFE (Revelation 22 verse la).
He gives eternal LIFE (John 3 verse 16).
> He has the Book of LIFE (Revelation 22 verse 27).
> He has the Tree of LIFE (Revelation 22 verse 2a).
> He gives the free gift of water of Life (Revelation 22 verse 17b).

Everything about LIFE is in God because He lives forever, His Spirit gives LIFE, and He is the Fountain of LIFE, the Living God and” lots more. RUN to this LIFE and remain ALIVE. God bless your Soul, Amen.
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