Where there is no law, there is sin, because people cannot know their actions are sinful unless a law forbids those actions. God’s law makes people realize they are sinner doomed to die. Yet it offers no help. Sin is real. And it is dangerous. Sin man from God, it brings destruction, it makes someone to die spiritually and so on. The law was holy, expressing God’s nature and will for people. In the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3). the serpent deceived Eve, changing her focus from the freedom she had to the one restriction God had made.

Ever since then, we have always been rebels. Sin looks good to us precisely because God has said it is wrong. Instead of paying attention to His warning, we use them as a “to-do” list. When we are tempted to rebel, we need to look at the from a wider perspective in the light of God’s grace and mercy. If we focus on His great love for us, we will understand that He only restricts us from actions and attitudes that ultimately will harm us.

If a Christian try to struggle with sin in his own strength, he/she will slip into the grasp of sin’s power. Paul shares three (3) lessons that he learnt in trying to deal with his old sinful desires: 1) knowledge is not the answer (Romans 7:9); Paul felt as long as he did not understand what the law demanded. When he learnt the truth, he knew he was doomed. 2) Self determination, (struggling in one’s own strength), doesn’t succeed (Romans 7: 15). Paul found himself sinning in ways that weren’t even attractive to him. 3) Becoming a Christian doesn’t stamp- ou all sin-and temptation a person’s life. Romans 7 vs 22-25.

Being born again takes a moment of faith, but becoming like- Christ is a lifelong process. Paul compares Christian growth to a strenuous race or fight (1Cb 24-27, 11 Tim. 4 v 7). We can only get out of our sinful nature by learning on a daily basis to know Christ the more and the grace of Almighty God. It must be noted that, how to make it in life must not paralyze how to make heaven
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