Deep friendships between  friends  of the opposite gender one possible and are evidenced that  both of you have feelings that  so  beyoung the platonic nature of your relationship, what  matters is that you maintain respect for  incredible when  they work well- a non-judgment  friend of the  opposite  sex can offer you much in the way  of  advice, support, conversation, and differing  perspective

1.       Be open to the possibilities of  tension unless  you as your platonic friend are gay, there is  always the  possibility of sparks  with  someone of the opposite sex who thinks and feels like you do. It natures way  of getting us together and it  rends to run in overdone  for some more than others,
2.       Crate clear ground rules avoid getting into the friends first difficulty . if  you both agreed  that having a relationship was off in cards in such reasons as married status, work, or study  pressures, distance, religion etc, the potential for a romantic affiliation  hang there unspoken. It is much better to make it clear that  your have a friendship that matters, in which  both of you care for one another  and  spending time  together but that friendship is all it  remains.
3.      Trust yourselves. All the possibilities  aside have trust in your decision nature and societal  pressure are not determinates of your, fiends,  or l you choices  you are responsible  for your own  choice.  Behave in  it for what it is and  trust  both of you  to  fulfill the platonic compact
4.      Consider all the benefits of a platonic relationship. It helps to remember   what is gained by remaining platonic rather than ever  being tempted to throw that away in a moment of  romantic weakness. The benefits of  platonic  friendship include:
i.                     They ensure  because you trust one  another and  show a lot together at a spiritual, emotional and  sexual relations, with all the accompanying doubts, jealousies, complications, etc
ii.                 Neither of you need  to perform in front  of one  another you are who you are
iii.               You can learn about the opposite  sex from  one another in a sale and uncompromising  way
iv.               Both  of you benefit from each  others perspective on challenges facing you in relations with others
v.                  There is always some one you can go to  trgenuine, fearless and forthright advice platonic relationship  tend to  have  aguallty  that transcends the often unspoken  competitive and conforming needs of same gender friendships.
5.      Reassure  other who might be impacted  by your platonic relationship  where there are partners, spouses, lovers, etc involved, it can be helpful to clear the  air with them ealy on about the nature  of your platonic friendship. Do like wise for your platonic friends, other half  wise for your  platonic stay out of  potentially compromising and problem solving when the two of you work together on sounding while you should never  act on it, it is sometimes  worth acknowledging to yourself that this does from part of what makes the platonic friendship work so well.  Situations, such as being  at their apartment late at night, without your  spouses knowledge  or agreement  acknowledge that sometimes the partners concerns about your platonic  relationship can be the  handset part of maintaining a platonic friendship you spouse needs to know that.
a.       You  aren’t talking  in complaining about  them 
b.      You will be open with your  spouse about what  you say and do with your platonic friend
c.      There will be no secretive actions, and 
d.      You will not let the platonic friends get closer to your than your spouse. If  you have a secretive intensely close relationship with your platonic friend, then you actually are  having a emotional affair.
6.      Be  realistic. It just may will  be that some of the deliberately suppressed tension in your relationship is what provides both of you with  the spark to make it work so well.  this never fulfilled but  potential reality can be the source of incredible creativity discovery
How man benefit from platonic  benefits relationship
Gains of platonic relationship in mens  health.
I have  mentioned on occasion that  I  am not really a dating kind of any. I  am, however, one  who tend towards marriage at the  first sign  of a budding relationship  I don’t  understand it, I don’ try  to interpret it simply  go with the flow and do as my heart  directs me.
I don’t know low to alter my innermost feelings  nor do I understand what to do when  this arge  to wed strikes me.  So I get married  would that  I  could, strike up  a good, sound, health platonic relationship with one of the opposite  sec.  the  benefits of  such  relationship,  I  am certain would be bountified, if  it were  possible for me or  for most any other man for that matter, to enter tain such a relationship, with a woman, the benefits may include thing  such as
10. couples only:  although last on m proverbial list  of then, this ma not always be  last in the  real world.  Admission to couples only activities  may, at times, come in handy . I can only speak  from having a platonic relationship with a woman since I am  a man lady’s  day events, ladies only.
1.  insight:  without ever  having to say a word, I know I could  eventually  sain an insight into  the complicated working  of woman,  if I were only afforded the opportunity to observe and study  her  daily habits ladies free and so on  these  could all be accessed with  on once  an  emo a woman with whom I share a good, sound, platonictional relationship not felling what benefits could  is established, emerge.  The  need and  the desire to know more tends to diminish until such  time though the  8  mystery of  a  woman haunts a ma night  and day. I  would  greatly relish  the prospect of  a woman and  developing my  own great  schematic.
A.  home cooking: in  a man, what can I say . I know simply being  a woman doest mean  you are also a cooklet  alone a good one, but more woman are  probably more  the  cook than I  am ma be my platonic  relationship would  be strong enough to elicit a homeanade meal  every now and then. This is  a wonduful benefits  
Opininon ; not that I need some elses  opinion on anything I may  do  that I need some elses  opinion on anything I ma do but to have a  womans opinion on may  different decisions could  easily save me from doing the worngthing  we men tend  to have a reputation of jumping out and buying something before we even think about it.  A womans  opinion may help me think it over a little better the opinion may even  save me some money, time or even face.
7.       Camaraderie: a form of  friendship such as camaraderie, may be possible with the right   woman.  This is  a  type of friendship where both participants share the likes and dislikes. the  two people  dust  seem to click, they finish each others sentences, are for the same rest  aurant at the same time and, all in all,  seem to know oneself
8.      Avice : it may seem unfair to ask a platonic friend of the opposite sex for  advice  on how to win  the affections of different  person of the opposite  sex, but they, this is a platonic relationship to be able to get advice on what to do how  to do  and when would be priceless who would know  better than one game sex I am pursuing?
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