Role of drugs in the management of HIV/AIDS in Nigeria
            The classes of drugs most important to people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) are
·                    Anti-infective agents to treat or prevent opportunistic infection.
·                    Anti-cancer drugs to treat malignancies, such as Kaposi Sarcome and Lymphoma;
·                    Palliative drugs to relieve pains and discomfort, both physical and mental;
·                    ARVS (Antiretrovirals to limit the damage that HIV dose to the immune system by reducing Viral load.

Based on extensive field research, MSF (Medicines) bans frontiers (doctors without Borders) asserts that the priority medicines for resources poor setting are:
(1)       Drugs for the prevention of opportunistic infection particularly Isoniazide and cotrimoxazole, which are recommended by WHO/UNAIDS;
(2)       Palliative drugs, such as analgesics and antidiarrheas, which have shown to improve the well being of patients
(3)       Antiretrovirals (ARVS) which can act as preventives of opportunistic infections and help to extend and improve the quality of live by reducing viral loads;
(4)       ARVs such as AZT and NVP, which can prevent MTCT and can be used as post-exposure Prophylaxis (Perez –casas and Boulet, 2000).
The use of antiretroviral drugs in the management of HIV infection in Nigeria.
There are two main types of antiretroviral drugs:
*          Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors (NRTIS)
*          Non-nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors (NRTIS)
(Colebunders, et al…, 1997)
List of NRTIS
Manufacturing company
AZT,Z idovudide (Retrovir)
Glaxo Smith Kline
ddI, didanosine (VIdex)
Bristol Myers Squibo
Ddc, Zalcitabine (HIVid)
3TC, Lamivudine (Epivir)
Glaxo smith Kline
D4T, Stavudine (Zerit)
Bristol Myers Squibb
Abacavir (Ziagen)
Glaxo Smith Kline
Combine pill of AZT &3TC(combivir)
Glaxo Smith Kline
Combined pill of AZT, 3TC and Abacavir (Trizivir)
Glaxo Smith Kline
 (UNA IDS/ Nigeria, 2001)

List of NNRTI’s
Manufacturing company
Neuirapirie (Varamune)
Boehringer ingelheim
Efavirenz (Sustiva)
DU pont in the U.S; Stocrin-Merck in the nest of the world
Delavirdine (REscripita)
Pharmacia and upjohn
(UNAIDS/ Nigeria, 2001).
The drugs selected for the survey in Nigeria, includes the following.
Antiretrovirals : delarvidine, Zindovudine CAZT, efavirenze, indinavir (ddi), saquinavir, nelfinavir, stavudine, nevirappine, ritonavir, lamiivudine, zalatabine, AZT/3TC combination.
Antibiotics: Amoxycillin /clavulanate, aproflaxacine, cotrimoxazole, ceftrioxone, azithromicine antifundals: fluconazole, ketoconazole, amphotericine B, Itraconazle.
Anti-TB: ISonizide, Rifampicin, Pyrazinamide.
(UNAIDS / Nigeria, 2001).
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