Real & Confirmed Civic Education Answers 2017 | NECO Past Question/Answer Expo Runz

NECO Real & Confirmed Civic Education Answers 2017 | Past Question/Answer Expo Runz

NECO Civic Education Past Question/Answer Expo 2017: This article, you will get Real & Confirmed CIVIC EDUCATION Past Questions and Answers as a guide to enable you know how to write the current NECO examination. This is not a NECO expo as you may think because these answers were gotten from past questions and answer booklets sold in bookshops nationwide.

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WARNING: Do not copy the answers on this website because they are not expo and its not for the on-going NECO exam for civic education. You will fail if you do. You have been warned.

Verified CIVIC OBJ: (Past Answers) This is not an expo site


NECO Civic Education 2017 Past Questions & Answers | OBJ & Theory/Essay

Civic Essay Past Questions -This is not an expo site

These are sample of how the Question comes out in the examination
(1a) Define the term "Values"
(1b) State four
(4) Importance(s) of Civic Education
(8a) What is National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA)?
(8b) What is Drug abuse?
(8c) Mention five(5) ways of pre..............?

Hidden 2017 NECO Civic Education Answers & Questions (Expo/Runz)

Civic Essay Answer (Past Answers) this is not an expo site

1a. Value is the worth of a thing. it deals with the degree of quality or worth attached to something. Values can be monetary.

  1. Giving: a selfless person is a giving person. he or she is not stingy.
  2. focusing on others: many people spend their time thinking about themselves alone. rarely do we think of other people's need.
  3. love: we should always show love to the people around us.
  4. Time.: everyone should know that time is precious, and it is a valuable thing. A selfless person
  5. will always give out his time to assist others.

2. A. Human immune virus - B. symptoms.
  1. Rapid weight loss.
  2. Dry cough
  3. Memory loss, degression and other Neurological disorder
  4. Profuse night sweats

Effects of HIV
  1. Reduction in d amount of nutrients absorption into d body system.
  2. Drastic wastage of muscle, organs and other body tissue.
  3. Loss of appetites and destruction in the body metabolism.
  4. Secondary effect-ion & other stress increase demands for energy & nutrients.

8a. National Drug Law Enforcement Agency.

8b. Drug abuse can b defined as d use of any drug in a manner dat deviates from medically approved manner of a given culture or society. It also means improper and illegal use of substances based on; drug prescription status uses dat occur witout prescription.

  1. Sponsorship of media programmes to enlighten d populace about d danger of drug abuse.
  2. Sensitisation and awarness programmes/ campaigns for d youth on d consequences of drug abuse.
  3. Government agencies in charge of drug(NDLEA &NAFDAC) and fud must intensify their anti- drug campaign in order to have a drug free society wit a special focus on d nigerian youth.
  4. Parents, guardians and others should sincerely re- orientate their children on d negative effects of drug abuse on their health, society and human dignity.

Download Complete Civic Education Objective/Theory 2017 Answers (Real Expo/Runz).

Real & Confirmed Civic Education Answers 2017 | NECO Past Question/Answer Expo Runz


  1. There is an increase in violence and crime many young girls are being raped by the
  2. traffickers
  3. The victims of human trafficking travel over a long distance before getting to their destinations so many may have even die on the way
  4. There is increase prevalence of STDs eg HIV, gonorrhea and unwanted pregnancy
  5. The victims are always depressed and are also being stigmatised
  6. They suffer social alienation in the host and home countries

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