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This is a very simple guide about how you can Check Your WAEC result without a Scratch Card in  Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Gambia and Sierra Lone. You will also learn the steps to your your result with a scratch card on the official WAEC portal.

I want to check my waec result without scratch card this 2017/2018 section. I don't know where to buy the WAEC scratch card in my area. Someone has published it online that it is possible to print out my withheld result without purchasing the WAEC scratch card from the official WAEC office. If this is true, then I want to know how to check my WAEC result without using a scratch card on the official WAEC Result Check Website.

The about paragraph is a sample of mail received in our feedback platform from one of the students who wrote the WAEC examination in May/June 2017/2018 and WAEC GCE in Nov/Dec. After receiving this the message, we went online to do a research about the issue, but to our graetest amazement, it was found that thousand the search "I Want to Check My WAEC Result Without Scratch Card" has been recorded over the years while new searched are still being pumped into search engines. Now the question; Can you really check the West African Senior Seconday Certificate Examination (WASSCE) organised and set by the West African Examination Council (WAEC)?

Today, we will discuss this WAEC Result Checker issue to clear the doubts of people who are trying to check their WAEC results without using an approved WAEC scratch card. We have written a previous article about How to Check NECO Result without Scratch Card, but its possible that most people did not get the chance to read it. For the benefit of those who missed it, please Click Here for more information.

Now to the matter at hand; is it possible to check WAEC result without using a scratch card?

Nigeria WAEC Result Checker

Ghana WAEC Result Checker

Liberia WAEC Result Checker

Sierra WAEC Leone Result Checker

Gambia WAEC Result Checker

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The answer to that question is No and Yes. I'm sure you may be more confused at that answer. Now let me explain it to you one after the other the reason for my answer.

No, you cannot check your result without a scratch card. When I said "NO YOU CANNOT", what do I really mean? I mean that for you to be able to check your WAEC Result, you MUST purchase a WAEC Scratch Card from any WAEC office or an accredited business center in your country in West Africa. This is because the card has a Personal Identification Number (PIN) and a Serial Number which grants you access to log into the WAEC website and pull out your result from the WAEC database. The PIN and serial number in the scratch card, has been coded to the website, so you can never open the database without the scratch card. So it is impossible to check your WAEC result without a scratch card.

Yes, you can check your result without a scratch card. When i said :YES YOU CAN", what do I really mean when I just told you that its impossible to check your WAEC result without a scratch card in the previous paragraph? This is now officially more confusing to you I presume. Do not be confused because the explanation is here.

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For you to be able to check, view and print out your WAEC result, you must have checked it aat list once with a scratch card, then send the result to your mail (it can be Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Outlook, etc). Then you can at anytime, log into your mail to check and print out the result anytime you need it without having to buy a new scratch card to re-check the result. This method will help those students who need to submit their results for any form of admission or graduation clearance in any school. It happens sometimes, that you may not have a printed hard copy of the result when you need it, you can just login to your email and print out your result.

 Check WAEC Result Here

So you see? You cannot truly check your result without a scratch card but you re-check your result without a scratch card after you have checked it with a scratch card at list once.

We want to use this medium to notify the general public of the increasing WAEC result score upgrade scam looming the internet. There are thousands of false testimonies these scammers online to convince you that it is possible to upgrade your waec result or help you released your withheld WAEC result. Do not fall victim to any of these because nobody has the power to upgrade your result or released a cancelled center result after the West African Examination Council has published results. It is true that sometimes, some withheld results can be released, but it is solely on the discretion of WAEC Board only. Do not send money or any type of payment to anyone on this regards. You have been advised.

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