NECO Physics Solutions 2017 | Essay and Objectives Answers Expo (Theory Questions)

NECO Physics Solutions 2017 | Essay and Objectives Answers Expo (Theory Questions)

2017 Neco Solution: Presently TODAY’S NECO PHYSICS ANSWERS | SOLVED NECO EXPO RUNZ OBJ & ANSWERS 2017, NECO Physics 2017 Questions with Theory and Objective Answers for June-July expo runz SSCE Exam is Out.

Finally the O’level physics exam is for Paper III & II: Objective & Essay which will commence from 10.00am and end by 1.00pm. As a a matter of fact the examination will last 3 hours. This article have post’s with samples of the neco physics questions for candidates that will participate in the examination. Read More below...

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Furthermore student’s are to Note that the questions from Neco past questions and answers that we feel are likely questions for SSCE preparation. Keep following this page and make sure you bookmark this site for reference purposes.

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Senior School Certificate Examination – SSCE Physics paper of the National Examination Council (NECO) will be written on Monday, 10th July, 2017. As a matter of fact take Note of an important information about Neco Physics expo below;

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  4. furthermore – neco practical specimen for all subject
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1. (a) A student makes a model of an atom. The model contains 24 electrons, 25 protons and 26 neutrons. Some of these particles are inside a nucleus at the centre of the model.

  1. Determine the nucleon number (mass number) of the atom.
  2. Explain why the model represents a charged atom.
  3. The student makes a new model of a different isotope of the same element. Describe the nucleus of this new model.


Ans: 1 (a)

  1. 51 B1
  2. More protons than electrons or different number of protons and electrons positive and negative do not cancel.
  3. 25 protons. a different number of neutrons.

2. Fig. 1.1 shows the distance-time graph for two cyclists A and B. They start a 500 m race together but finish the race at different times.
(a) Use Fig. 1.1 to determine

  1. the distance between A and B at time t = 20s,
  2. the difference in the time taken by A and B for the race.

(b) Cyclist C starts the race at the same time as A and B and covers the first 200m of the race at a constant speed of 5.0 m/s. He then accelerates and finishes the race at t = 60s.

  1. On Fig. 1.1, draw the distance-time graph for cyclist C.
  2. Calculate the average speed of cyclist C for the whole race.

Ans: (a)

  • (i) 60 m
  • (ii) 12s

(b) answer below;

  1. straight line from origin to 200 m at 40s any line straight or curved from (40,200) to (60,500)
  2. s = d/t or 500/60 = 8.3m/s.

2017/2018 NECO Physics (Expo)waec 2017/2018 certified Physics questions and answers NECO JUNE JULY 2017 Physics THEORY / OBJ QUESTION AND EXPO I need NECO Gce free expo site, how can I get the answer for.

If a satellite travels at a constant speed round the earth in a circular orbit,
1. Which of the quantities in the list below are scalars.
(a) acceleration (b) force (c) mass (e) speed.

2. The velocity of the satellite changes, but its speed is constant. State what is meant by velocity…………………….

3. Explain why the velocity changes……………………………

4. Explain what makes this satellite move in an orbit that is circular…………………………
physics ssce questions 2017
NECO Physics Solutions 2017 | Essay and Objectives Answers Expo (Theory Questions)

WARNING: All these questions and answers that appear on this website are past questions and answer, they are noot for expo 2017. Above all complete past Physics answers will be published online, therefore we advise student’s to keep on refreshing this post. Read articles below for more details;

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