Reply and Answer a Query Letter from Your Boss at Workplace / Office

This is a simple guide on how to reply a query letter from your boss at your workplace. Do you have a very strict boss in your office? Did you do something wrong in your office? Did you come to work late? Were you absent from work? Were you accused of something in your office that you didn't do? Did you abandon your duty to warrant a query from your boss? Did your boss query you for misconduct and/or negligence? What did you really do wrong that fetched you a query letter from your superior in your office? There are a bunch of things you will do in your office and a query letter will be waiting for you in your desk the very next morning.

This article will guide you through the easy process of replying or answering the query through written letter (in a paper) or through your company email. Read the post carefully and get the guide your need.

First, you need to understand the query letter given to you by your boss before you even think of providing a response to the letter. Sometimes, a query letter will have a heading that pinpoints what you have done while some others will just be written "Letter of Query". Read the query letter carefully for better understanding.

After you have read the letter and understood what you were queried about, then you can start writing the reply. Start with your own home address (placed at the right margin side of the paper). Then you write the address of your place of work (office) starting with "The Manager", "Administrative office" as the case may be. Then you write the name of the office followed by "Dear sir".

You should write the heading in the letter beginning with the word "RE" which means reply. The you write the original heading of the query letter given to you. 

You can now start writing the body of the letter. you have to try and explain the reasons of your actions that warranted the query. If the query is about lateness for example, then try and explain the reasons for your lateness to the office. It might be because you were sick and needed to go to the hospital before coming to work or that your car broke down on the way or any good reason for your lateness. You will need to tell the boss that its not really your fault and that it will not happen again. Try to write that the success of the office is your main priority. The draw a simple conclusion.

You should end the latter with "Yours faithfully" and then your name. 

You can now envelope the letter and send it to your boss's office. If you were asked to send it through the company's email, then you will have to Create an Email Address on Yahoo or Gmail, Login to the mail, then compose the mail and send it to the company's email address. i'm sure this will solve your problem.

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