NECO Islamic Religious Studies Obj & Essay 2017 (IRS/IRK) Answers & Questions Expo

NECO Islamic Religious Studies Obj & Essay 2017 (IRS/IRK) Answers & Questions Expo - Complete NECO  IR Knowledge Expo Answer 2017 Runz

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Wednesday 12th July 2017 

  1. OBJ & Essay – Computer Studies – 10am – 1pm
  2. OBJ & Essay – Islamic Studies – 2pm – 4.30pm

READ THIS WARNING: Islamic Studies 2 (Essay) and Islamic Studies 1 (Objective) IRS ANSWERS will be written soon. This is the NECO Computer Studies 2 (Essay) and Computer Studies 1 (Objective) exam sample. The answers that appear below are simply past questions and answers for Islamic Studies gotten from booklets available in bookshops. do not use it in this current exam because its not a 2017 expo.


Question 2a)
Tafsir of Quran means the explanation or interpretations of the verses of Quran.

Question 2b)

  1. Tafsir bil Riwaya
  2. Tafsir bil Ray

Question 2c)

  1. Firstly, it tries to explain Quran so that the understanding of the reader about Quran and its message increases. Reading only the translation can give the literal meanings of the words of Quran, however, Tafsir comes with context in which a particular Ayah was revealed, hence giving a context to each and every word, which consequently means a better understanding of Quran and its verses.
  2. Secondly , Tafsir is also important when it comes to driving out the laws of Islam from Quran. Verses of Quran come with instructions, and then there are the hadiths of Prophet (PBUH) that also
  3. gives instructions. Thus, Tafsir combines both and gives a complete and comprehendible set of instructions to the reader.
  4. Thirdly, when there is no science involved in the interpretation of Quran, then ambiguity and contradiction is surely to rise.

Question 4a)
Fasting teaches man the principle of sincere love; because when he observes the fasting he doses it out of deep love for Allah. And the man who loves Allah truly is a man who really knows what love is.

Question 4b)
It equips man with a creative sense of hope and an optimistic outlook on life; because when he fast he is hoping to please Allah and is seeking His Grace.

Question 4c)
It imbues man with a genuine virtue of effective Devotion, honest and Dedication and closeness to Allah because when he fast he does so for Allah alone

Question 4d)
It cultivates in man a vigilant and sound
conscience; because the fasting person keeps his fast in secret as well as in public.

Question 4e)
It shows man a new way of wise savings and sound Budgeting; because normally when he eats less quantities or less meals he spends less money and effort. And this is a spiritual semester of home economics and budgeting.

Question 4f)
It enables man to master the art of mature

Question 4g.
Adaptability: We can easily understand the point once we realize that fasting makes man change the entire course of his daily life.

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Question IRS Q5
Essentials of Valid Muslim Marriage: For a valid Islamic marriage, the following conditions must be satisfied:

  1. The parties must have the capacity to marry
  2. There must be a clear proposal and acceptance.
  3. Free consent
  4. No Legal disability

Question 5b)
1. Capacity to marry
Every Muslim of sound mind who has attained puberty, may enter into a contract of marriage. Puberty means the age at which a person becomes adult (capable of performing sexual intercourse and procreation of children). A person is presumed to have attained the age of puberty on the completion of 15 years. So the boy and girl who has attained puberty can validly contract a marriage .

2. Proposal and Acceptance
Under the Muslim law for the validity of a marriage there must be a proposal and acceptance at the same meeting. The proposal and acceptance must both be expressed at one meeting; a proposal made at one meeting and acceptance made at another meeting does not make a valid Muslim marriage. Neither writing nor any religious ceremony is essential.

3. Free consent
Free consent of the parties is absolutely necessary for a valid marriage .If there is no free consent a Muslim marriage is void. Under the Muslim Law, a marriage of a Mohammedan who is of sound mind and has attained puberty is void; if it is brought about without his consent The marriage of a girl who has attained puberty and is of sound mind would be void if her consent is not obtained.

4. No Legal disability
Under Muslim Law, marriage under certain circumstances is prohibited or not permitted. The prohibitions can be classified into two classes:
  • Absolute Prohibition
  • Relative prohibition
NECO Islamic Religious Studies Obj & Essay 2017 (IRS/IRK) Answers & Questions Expo

Finally, here is the Complete NECO  IRS/IRK Islamic Religious Studies/Knowledge Expo Answer 2017 Runz.

In conclusion, Islamic Religious Studies (IRS) Objective and Essay (Hausa and Arabic). In summary, you can call it Islamic Religious knowledge (IRK).  NECO 2017 Computer OBJ & Theory/Essay QUESTION AND ANSWERS Free Expo Answers will be written on Wednesday 12th July, 2018 Hausa 2 (Essay) 10.00am - 01.00pm. Related Posts are below;

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