NECO Computer Studies 2017 Obj & Essay Questions/Answers Expo Runz

NECO Computer Studies 2017 OBJ & Theory/Essay Questions and Answers Free Expo Answers - Complete Computer Science Answer 2017 Expo/Runz

Real NECO Computer Studies Questions and Answers (OBJ EXPO RUNZ 2017): Currently, it has been verified that there is no doubt at all the 2017 VERIFIED NECO Computer Science complete answer (OBJ CS EXPO RUNZ 2017) is coming in no time and its going to be available on this page.

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Wednesday 12th July 2017

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READ THIS WARNING: WAEC 2017 Computer Studies OBJ & Theory/Essay QUESTION AND ANSWERS Free Expo was written some months ago. This is the NECO Computer Studies 2 (Essay) and Computer Studies 1 (Objective). The answers that appear below are simply past questions and answers for Computer science gotten from booklets available in bookshops. do not use it in this current exam because its not a 2017 expo.




Question 1a)
An input device is any hardware device that sends data to a computer, allowing you to interact with and control the computer. The picture shows a Logitech trackball mouse, an example of an input device.

Question 1b
  • i) key board
  • ii) The mouse

Question 1c)
  1. Logic gates are digital components that typically work two levels of voltage and determine how a component conducts electricity.
  2. Logic gates use Boolean equations and switch tables.

Question 1di)
A, B OR ===> A+B

Question 1dii)
A---- AB
B---- AND

Question (3a)
Information is an analyzed or processed data, which is now more meaningful and decisions can be made based on its data and information is connected. Communication technology is the activity of designing, constructing and maintaining communication systems. In the modern era it is referred to as ICT. This is information and communications technology, and includes any communication device or application such as radio and television.

Question (3b)
  1. LAN-local area network
  2. GPS-global positioning Service.
  3. IP-internet protocol

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Question (4a) TABULATE
  1. RAM: is the memory available for the operating system, programs and processes to use when the computer is running.
  2. ROM: is the memory that comes with your computer that is pre-written to hold the instructions for booting-up the computer.
  3. RAM: Requires a flow of electricity to retain data (e.g. the computer powered on).
  4. ROM: will retain data without the flow of electricity (e.g. when computer is powered off)

Question 4b)
  1. Searching and Organizing
  2. Ease of Access Center
  3. Default Programs
  4. Remote Desktop Connection

Question 4c)
  1. Antivirus programs
  2. Registry cleaners

Question 5a)
= 1*2^6+0*2^5+1*2^4+1*2^3+0*2^2+1*2^1+1*2^0
= 1*64+0*32+1*16+1*8+0*4+1*2+1*1
= 64+0+16+8+0+2+1 =91
5 r B
O r 5
10110112 = 5B16 were B is 11

Question 5b)
  1. HACKER: A hack group getting main owner on an XAT chat without authorization.
  2. SCAMMER: Tricking an internet user into giving you his/her login name and password in false pretence

NECO Computer Studies 2017 Obj & Essay Questions/Answers Expo Runz

Question 5c)
  1. HTML: Hypertext Markup Language
  2. HTTP: Hypertext Transfer Protocol
  3. ISP: Internet Service Language
  4. SMTP: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.

In conclusion, NECO 2017 Computer OBJ & Theory/Essay QUESTION AND ANSWERS Free Expo Answers will be written on Wednesday 12th July, 2018 Hausa 2 (Essay) 10.00am - 01.00pm while Islamic Religious Studies (IRS) Objective and Essay (Hausa and Arabic). In summary, you can call it Islamic Religious knowledge (IRK). Related Posts are below;

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