NECO Book Keeping 2017 Questions and Answers | Obj/Theory Expo - June/July

NECO Book Keeping 2017 Questions and Answers | Obj/Theory Expo - June/July

NECO Book Keeping Expo 2017 - Presently, the National Examination Council NECO book keeping examination is taking place today in different schools all over the country. It will not be surprising to see thousands of students looking for verified expo answers online.

Neco 2017 Book Keeping Obj And Theory Answers - June /July Expo

Book Keeping  - The resources below on Book Keeping have been provided by WAEC to assist you understand the required standards expected in Book Keeping final Examination.

Students performance assessment in examination under review was done by the Chief examiner, this you will see while exploring links like General Comment, Performance, Weaknesses, Strength and Observation to respective Questions.

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WAEC - May/June. 2014/2015/2016 Past Questions & Observations

Paper 2 = General comments | Weakness/Remedies| Strength
Questions: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10

WAEC Exam Date - Thursday 20th July 2017

  1. OBJ & Essay – Store Keeping – 10am – 12:40pm
  2. OBJ & Essay – Book Keeping – 10am – 1:50pm
  3. OBJ & Essay – Salesmanship – 10am – 12:40pm
  4. Paper IV: Drawing & Design – Furniture Making – 10am – 12pm
  5. OBJ & Essay – Furniture Making – 12:30pm – 2:15pm
  6. OBJ & Essay – Office Practice – 2:30pm – 5:30pm
  7. OBJ & Essay – Auto Mechanics – 2:30pm – 5pm

NECO Book Keeping Past Questions Paper

Book Keeping Paper 2, May/June

Question 1 
a. (i)  Identify specimens A and B by the feel method. [2 marks]
    (ii)  Name two crops that would thrive well on each of specimens A and B [ 2 marks]
    (iii)    Mention three ways by which specimen B can be improved [ 3 marks]

b. (i)  Identify specimens C and D [2 marks ]
    (ii) State three ways in which specimen C is important in crop production. 3 marks]
    (iii) State three uses of specimen D  in agriculture. [3 marks]


  1. This question  was well attempted by the candidates.  In 1(a)(i-ii), majority of the candidates were able to identify specimens A(Clayey soil) and  B(Sandy soil)  though only a few of them were able to name the crops that would thrive well on specimens A(Clayey soil) and B(Sandy soil).  More so, most of the candidates were able to mention the ways by which specimen B(Sandy soil) can be improved as required in 1a(iii).
  2. Furthermore to this, most of the candidates were able to identify specimens C (Millipede) and D (Cow dung), state the ways in which specimen C(Millipede)is important in crop production as well as state the uses of specimen D (Cow dung) in agriculture as required in 1(b)(i-iii).

NECO Book Keeping 2017 EXPO ANSWERS

The expected answers include:
1(a)(ii)   Crops that would thrive well on each of Specimens A and B
         Specimen A (Clayey soil)
         -     Rice
         -     Mango
         -     Citrus
         -     Rubber
         -     Sugar cane
         -     Cocoa
         -     Oil palm
         -     Potatoes
         -     Cabbage
Specimen B (Sandy soil)
         -     Coconut
         -     Guinea corn
         -     Cowpea
         -     Pineapple
         -     Cashew
         -     Kenaf
         -     Jute
         -     Cotton
         -     Pigeon pea
         -     Groundnut
         -     Carrot
         -     Okra
         -     Egg plant
         -     Cassava

General comments 
The paper compared favourably with those of previous years in standard, the skills tested and the coverage of the prescribed examination syllabus.  The questions were straight forward and clearly itemized to ease comprehension.  The rubrics were clear and the marking scheme was flexible and exhaustive.  

Candidates’ performance was lower  than that of the previous year.  A total of 952,983 candidates sat for the paper with a raw mean score of 27 and a standard deviation of 10.72 as against a raw mean score of 33 and a standard deviation of 10.39 recorded in the May/June 2013 WASSCE which had candidates’ population of 1,305,194.

General Comments

  1. The Paper is of good standard as well as the questions. The questions are clearly framed, clear and straightforward.  
  2. Most candidates attempted the five questions as required and the overall performance was good and there was improvement compared to the previous year.

Candidates' Strength

  1. Candidates observed the rubrics and attempted the required numbers of questions.
  2. Majority of the candidates performed particularly well on questions three 
  3. (3) and five (5). These questions were on Balance Sheet items and the account for not-for-profit making organizations respectively.     
  4. Candidates’ performance on question six (6) was quite impressive. They seemed to be better exposed to the preparation of Trading, Profit and Loss Account and the Balance Sheet.
  5. Overall, the highest marks were usually gained on question nine (9). This question was on Departmental, Trading, Profit and Loss Accounts.

Candidates' Weaknesses
Some of the weaknesses observed in the candidates’ scripts were:

  1. Lack of proper mastery of double entry principles of bookkeeping.
  2. Insufficient knowledge of business entities and terminologies. Many candidates could not state the features of joint stock companies and the contents of memorandum of association as required in question one (1).
  3. Poorly use of English Language as reflected in candidates’ inability to express their points clearly in English Grammar.
  4. Poor knowledge of the procedures involved in bookkeeping as majority of the candidates prepare accounts without headings.
  5. Majority of the candidates avoided questions seven (7) and eight (8).  These questions were on bank reconciliation statement and ledger accounts respectively.
NECO Book Keeping 2017 Questions and Answers | Obj/Theory Expo - June/July


  1. The candidates should learn the proper use of English grammar to enable them express their points clearly and correctly.
  2. Government should endeavour to recruit and train more teachers with qualification in Business Education (Accounting option) and Accounting Education to teach the subject in schools.
  3. Teachers should thoroughly teach the candidates on rudiments of bookkeeping with emphasis on the candidates’ understanding of double entry principles and practical aspects of bookkeeping.
  4. Candidates should study standard text books as recommended by the West African Examinations Council (WAEC).

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