Important Things to do Before Looking for Admission in any University

Important Things to do Before Looking for Admission in any University

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Life at University: This article is for Non-degree Students, Undergraduate Admissions and Post Graduates. These are the things Prospective College and Transfer Students Need to Know before they gain admission. Its intended to finding out what you need to submit during application.

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Things to do This Summer Before Looking for Admission in a University

As we all know that presently, getting admission into any universities in and around the world shouldn’t be done in a rush of any kind, seeing the fact that even life itself is not a rush at all. As a matter o fact, this is a case of your life which your future depends on. That being said, before you attempt to apply for admission into a university in your country, it has been revealed that there are certain important things to consider. Do you know want to know what it is? If yes, the let’s be realistic for once and talk straight-forward to achieve an aim.

10 Things to do Before Seeking for Admission

Think of this fact more importantly. You already know that before you begin a journey from point A to point B, you must first prepare very well for it. Therefore, these are things you must before seeking admission. This steps has been rated top 10.

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1) Get Your First School Leaving Certificate (FSLC) Ready:

First things first, this is very important as you cannot get employed in Nigeria without issuing your first school being the certificate of your first graduation from primary school. The first school leaving certificate (FSLC) identifies you as a citizen of Nigeria from childhood so it shouldn’t be joked with. More importantly, if you’ve not gotten your certificate, you should.

2) Write and Pass Your O level Exam (WAEC, NECO or NABTEB Result):

You need to write one of the above listed examination immediately you get to Senior Secondary School 3. The WAEC, NECO or NABTEB is another most important requirement into any university in Nigeria. A proof of your graduation from high school. In Nigeria, with the FSLC and WAEC, it is assumed that you had completed the 6+6 foundation stage of education. If you’re a foreigner, you will need to present a transcript copy of your high school certificate.

3) Original Birth Certificate/Age declaration (Affidavit):

Birth certificate keeps a record of your date of birth. This certificate gives a view on you when you were born into this world. It also shows where you were born (place of birth).

4) State of Origin / Local Government of Origin (L.G.A.):

Your state and local government of origin identifies your originality as well as your nationality. In simple words, it shows where you come from. Please Note that these documents are mandatory for university aspirants of any race and tribe in the country.

5) Pick a Course you have passion for:

As a high school graduate, it is equally important for you to know that a university, polytecnic and college of Education is not a secondary school or high school where you offer every subjects this is where you need to have gotten a base of what you wish to study. in fact,a  discipline backed up with that determination to make it work out. Furthermore, this is where you choose from the wide range of course that which best suits your choice.

6) Pick an Institution that offers you Choice Course of study:

There are universities, polytechnics, monotonic and colleges of education that may offer the course you intend to go for so make a list of all universities and choose that which you prefer or that is nearest to you.

7) Funding is Important, so Consider your Pocket:

Money is a very important when choosing a higher institution in Nigeria. Moreover, it is advisable to consider the fees of the school and how much you can afford so you don’t become hooked up later and drop out. Going to a private institution is very good but can you fund it? If yes, go ahead, but if no do not even try going for private universities just to bear the name, reason being that private universities are expensive in the country above. All things considered, make sure you go for quality education. There are Federal and State Government Universities that are very much affordable and also provide quality education of your taste. Meanwhile, keep in mind that strikes do happen sometimes in these university but are usually called off after some time when issues causing the strike has been resolved.

8) Purchase JAMB and UTME form:

Now, after identifying the course and institution you could like to study in, the next step is to get the Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB) form, fill in your data and other required details and think ahead.

9) Find out the Admission Cutoff Mark:

The Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB) has a cutoff mark for every course you wish to study. However, every school have their departmental cut off mark though the assigned jamb cutoff mark for all universities is 180 as constituted by jamb, yet some universities’ UME mark begins from 200 while others insist of 250 especially if you want to study a professional course. It is important that you know all this on time so that you will be aware of what you are up against, which is simply to secure admission on time.

10) Prepare for the JAMB exams via CBT:

First of all, the brochure/syllabus given by Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB) will be of great help so you need to cover all topics and get set before the exam date. Every student intending to write the exam must cover the topics twice if you can the best thing is to get set before time. Also, you must have known that JAMB is now a Computer Based Test (CBT). In the light of this, you must acquaint yourself with the knowledge of computer before buying your JAMB form online or at a bank.

This is where we draw the curtains for today article. We hope that with this helpful piece, you’ll be able to start planning your school life ahead of time. Small advice from us at Martins Library; don’t wait till JAMB date is announced in the news online or that jamb form is out for sale online before you start planning and preparing, Start preparations now when the sun shines.
Important Things to do Before Looking for Admission in any University

Good luck to all O'Level students looking for admission as Non-degree Students, Undergraduate Admissions and Post Graduates. This good wishes also covers all Prospective College and Transfer Students in the country.

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