WAEC Syllabus 2017/2018 | Download Full List of WAEC Subjects PDF

The WAEC Syllabus 2017/2018 is out for download for free - Did you know that getting the WAEC Syllabus week before the WAEC Examination could be leading to failure? The difference between those succeeding and those failing depends on how they plan their future. This page covers everything you need to know about the available waec syllabuses for year in  review (2017).

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WAEC has recorded the poor performance in last year’s WAEC could be rightly attributed to students’ lack of knowledge of common pitfalls, coupled with inadequate coverage of syllabus and non-familiarity with test format.

In an effort to help boost your performance in the forthcoming Waec exam, you need to rad in line with WAEC syllabus.

You know what I will do?

I will give you the genuine 2017/2018 Waec Syllabus.

Here is the Waec Syllabus to guide you during your study. I hope it help. Here is Waec Time table page.

The syllabus below are provided base on demand, Click here to download any other wassce syllabus not made available on this page. Also use the comment box to request for any other subject.

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  1. Physics
  2. Mathematics
  3. Literature
  4. Government
  5. Geography
  6. Further Mathematics
  7. Data Processing
  8. French
  9. Accounting
  10. Computer Science
  11. English
  12. Civic Education
  13. Economics
  14. Business Management
  15. C R S
  16. Commerce
  17. Animal Husbandry ALT A
  18. Animal Husbandry ALT B
  19. Chemistry
  20. Biology
  21. Store Management
  22. Agricultural Science
  23. Basic Electricity
  24. Forestry
  25. Book Keeping
  26. Igbo Language
  27. Health Education
  28. Music
  29. Short Hand
  30. History
  31. Hausa Language
  32. Insurance
  33. Basketry
  34. Auto Parts
  35. Auto Electrical Work
  36. Auto Mechanical Work
  37. Auto Body Repairs
  38. Home Management
  39. Islamic Studies
  40. Efik
  41. Ibibio
  42. Yorùbá
  43. Edo
  44. Type Writing
  45. West African Traditional Religion
  46. Fisheries ALT B
  47. Office practice
  48. Welding and Fabric.
  49. Tourism
  50. Word Work
  51. Textiles
  52. Ceramics
  53. Catering Craft Practice
  54. ICT (core)
  55. General Knowledge in Art
  56. Marketing
  57. GSM Phone Maintenance and Repairs
  58. Painting and Decorating
  59. Radio, TV and Electronics
  60. Mining
  61. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
  62. Clerical Office Duties
  63. Building Constructions

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The list above contains the latest WASSCE / WAEC Syllabus for all subjects…

Yeah, all of the subjects – May/June and Nov/Dec syllabus 2017/18. And guess what? It absolutely free. Thank me later!

Sure, You aren’t fully prepared for the WASSCE / WAEC exam if at this point, you are not still conversant with the topics WAEC has advised you study before you write the test.

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