Written by - Olisa H. Osita (California)
I am most grateful for the exposure and opportunity I had in life to peer into the deepest depth of jiggery-pokery, duplicitous Nigerians in all their nakedness. Consequently, the chagrin and lump of sour taste l felt in my mouth have left me bitterly and permanently, contemptuous of the intricate medley of pranks, slickness and antics expressed by this subculture. In the face of callousness of their many back-alley, bloodsucking deals at the expense of starveling, impoverished masses of our men, women and children back home, the power of citizenship conferred on by such knowledge, compels me to rebuke them as venomous tarantulas.

It would be a failure of the intellect not to recognize these men and women for their well-heeled, prodigious gift of garb with which they have effortlessly blended in our midst as respectable professionals. They have also conducted themselves with decorum in the public glare and talked with remarkable glibness laced with furtive eloquence in seductiveness. These are the qualities they have in overflow of abundance while casting their stealthy spell on the unsuspecting victims. In their sneaky cleverness, they are the first to pontificate in persuasive fluency, the values of selfless service and duty to one’s country and towards fellow human beings. But what are precisely those predatory characteristics that make clandestine bootlegs successful? It is the deadliest, artful craft of anesthetizing the victim into amnesia from recognizing its blood-sucking predator. Those purveyors of 419-mails we are occasionally bombarded with from back home, are impeccable angels and rookies when compared to the degree and sophistication of plunder and pillage of kills by men and women with NIDO passports.

Let us look closely with incisive scrutiny to abstract the unique value system that animates my fellow Nigerians living overseas. What is it about NIDO philosophies and ideologies that hold this seductive allure, noble pride and inviting magnetism for my fellow Nigerian men and women? Who among us is so unscholarly to argue that NIDO as an organization was conceived in statutory rape of rule of law and given birth to in ravishment with spoilage and plunder of Nigerian national wealth as the motivating incentives and return on investment. Let us look at how Ken Emetulu saw the forged, high-grade, sophisticated scam, baptized in infamy with repulsive alien name, "NIDO", Nigerians In Diaspora Organization. It is most apropos to tear-off the veil of that decked-up lie and call it by its name, "Niggers In Diaspora Organization". Let the rare specimen of a man with nobility of spirit take the stage and enlighten us more. The floor is yours, Ken Emetulu.

"Of course, sane voices had cautioned then that it was a vortex of contradiction and confusion for the Federal Government to set up an organization and still call it a "non-governmental organisation" - an NGO - or to seek to spoon-feed Nigerians in Diaspora in a supposed attempt to attract them home to contribute to national development. But officialdom's response was as dismissive as ever - Government's involvement they said, was only in the interim. So, the drums were rolled out, the trumpets sounded and the cymbals were waved in the hysterical mode only Nigerians know how. A new dawn of cooperation between Nigerians abroad and the government at home is here, the President proclaimed amidst all the official gyrations;"

Let any reasonable Nigerian take a deep breath and think about this for one second. How can Nigerian Government register an organization and call it "Non-Governmental Organization" (NGO)? Is this not a classic example of government sponsored "gang-rape" of statutory law of US for the sole purpose of tax evasion? Those who are neck-deep in flying this type of fraudulent gambit are many well-educated Nigerians, who have perfected the act of 419 to its highest sophistication. Why can’t Nigerians look into the deepest recess of their hearts and ask the most pertinent question. Is forgery and fraudulence a natural genetic inheritance of Nigerians? Why is it that Nigerians most are inclined to enter a house through the back alley door and exit through the window, even though, all entrance and exit doors to the house are wide-open and unobstructed? Is this not an indisputable and disconcerting national calamity that our primeval natural impulse to issues, due process at every step of the way is, unrestrained propensity to lawlessness and criminality? How can an educated person with integrity and moral probity be in a meeting or conference where the actionable resolution for a project is how to evade tax by calling a Government sponsored and financed organization, a non-governmental, with the official seal of Nigerian Presidency and the President of Nigeria as the presiding Chief Priest? How shocking to the sensibility that those who were the architects to husbanding this criminal scheme of tax evasion from the US Government threaten to sue anybody who dares to call any member of its board of directors or trustees a criminal? Specie gives birth to the colony of its own species as a natural phenomenon. Is it an argument that a criminal enterprise is chaired and directed by criminals? Can l get a witness here?

Today these scumbag criminals, who are by calculated designs from cold detachment, have positioned themselves strategically in every Nigerian functional e-forums, are flagrantly and shamelessly acting as public relation consultants to the Federal Government of Nigeria. Situations are abound when some concerned Nigerians have spoken out through these electronic media, the anti-people’s policies of their government and the progressive pauperization of Nigerian masses by the most corrupt political ruling class. Records are well document how these criminal moles and blood-sucking hacks in our midst, NIDO members, would raise hell and shot back claiming that the Government of the day in Nigeria is the best thing that has ever happened to Nigerians. It is not surprising how these NIDO members have acted in validation to the old, ancient adage that says; you put your money where your mouth is. NIDO and its members have their mouth and stomach glued to Aso Rock by proxy and hence, they threw all their lots behind their paymaster in defense of its stakes using every means necessary. Please, look at it this way and your conclusions would be unmistakable, assuming one has to take off prejudiced lenses for one moment.
Since the current administration came to power, the price of Nigerian primary source of its income has increased in the world market over 100% and its production capacity for crude oil has also increased to the same level.

Since the history of our Republic Nigeria has never had this two pronged successes in her balance of payment and foreign reserve accumulation. Take your mind back to Udoji award that was caused by the Middle East crisis in 1973 and Nigerians knew that they hit jackpot and it lasted only for two years in terms of income earning. Since 2001, Nigerian balances of payments have improved due to two aforementioned facts. The question begging for answer is this? Is there any thing tangible, empirical and verifiable the critical mass of Nigerian citizens can say with unison that the current administration improved in their economic lives for the past six years? Can they say for instance that their purchasing power increased within this six years? But these callous Aso Rock goons, lackeys, toadies and crawlers, exemplified by such personalities of NIDO persuasions in the persons of Ola Kassim, Joe Igietseme and Dennis Balogu; are not perturbed in the least but would pull all stops in their zealotry defending the most semi-illiterate President of Nigeria, His Majesty, His Excellency, Imperial King of Jungle - Olusegun Mathew Okikiola Aremu Obasanjo.

I remember vividly an occasion when l used CIA published economic statistics on Nigeria to express the depth of decay in Nigerian indexed standard of living and, Ola Kassim would not have any of it. All hell broke loose; and that Teflon smooth operator, a highly informed political trickster, a slippery fork tongued communicator, the Rt. Honorable Chairman of "Niggers in Diaspora Organization, Mr Ola Kassim, and surreptitiously muddled the subject l raised. Per his stock in trade, he effortlessly and dubiously cited the failures of CIA in predicting "Weapons of Mass Destruction" in Iraqi as the most compelling and potent reason to disregard its published economic accounts of Nigeria. I was hit with very powerful vertigo, which left me fuming in convulsion and seized me in simmering revulsion on how Nigerians could easily prostitute themselves when ensnarled with inconsequential twinkling of counterfeited silver and gold. In such a frenzied sea of corrupted conscience and mortgaged soul, they will sell their parents, relatives and the whole citizens of their country into life of servitude, despondency and penury without any whiff of trepidation. Let me take one minute to mention two of Ola Kasim’s sidekicks, Joe Igietseme and Dennis Balogu.

Joe Igietseme: He is a very proud hick Professor of Laboratory Science from Agedegbode who can chew and spit any information, however voluminous, he is fed with but a primordial dwarf and stunted in imaginative, intellectual reasoning and ratiocination. What a downright bumpkin dandy who is a celebrated firstling from his clan; first to wear shoe, first to graduate from high school and college, first to live in a big city and first to live overseas. With such swollen head, coupled with his position as a clerk tagging behind Ola Kasim in that crooked organization, NIDO, he strayed into discussing public policies. Joe Igietseme told us in NaijaPolitics e-forum that the primary reason why President Obasanjo had to abridge Nigerian Constitution through arbitrary conduct of impunity by hiring dollar Ministers, was to prevent corruption. He deployed non sequitur, arguing that when some Ministers are paid in dollars that would automatically eliminate the temptation of taking bribes. I was almost sliding under my computer desk when l read Joe Igietseme’s argument. We shall leave Joe Igietseme alone as he is the firstling in his clan and probably he would like to be the richest man in his clan, hence he joined NIDO as a short-gun to heaven.

Dennis Balogu:
Professor Dennis Balogu is the most unblushing apologist of all Aso Rock goons parading in the oafish colony. His insolent audacity and brazen arrogance as a barefaced hypocrite with imperviousness to shame and disgrace has no equal or example. Mr. Balogun’s inappropriate lack of shame or embarrassment in such undisguised brazenness, embolden him to impudent misrepresentation by flagrantly comparing late Ronald Reagan to President Obasanjo as equal in stature and accomplishments. Even those who disagree with Ronald Reagan’s trickle down economics would without blinking, affirm that the late President Reagan was seductively telegenic, a communicator par excellence, an elegantly well-bred urbane in mild-mannered character and who was an embodiment of courteousness, grace and dignity. Let us review for one second the character that was compared to late Ronald Reagan.
President Obasanjo is the only Head of State known in history to openly broadcast to his nation that his Vice President was not loyal to him. What a national disgrace!

President Obasanjo is the only known Head of State to be exchanging acrimonious letters in the national media with the Chairman of his party, of which he the President is the leader. In modern, only President Obasanjo is known to have in a public square administered lashes to military officer who misbehaved. President Obasanjo is an example of a mingle-mangled human being of the type brought up in a ragbag environment analogous to a barefooted guttersnipe. In appearance, President Obasanjo comes across at best like a village Rain-Maker or Aladura Priest. In the international scene, among his Heads of States peers, he looks like a twaddler of the type, mentally challenged. What a motley-minded jester we have as Nigerian President!

The shameless activities of men like Joe Igietseme, Dennis Balogu and the Nigger Chairman, Ola Kasim, in this forum have provoked my ire to its boiling point at the shear criminal prostitution by the aforementioned. Those who belongs to criminal organization are by any logic, criminals. NIDO was conceived and registered in criminality. It was conceived as a 419-scam for the purpose of tax evasion. Even though on paper, NIDO is registered as NGO but in practice it is a Federal Government of Nigerian public relation outfit. Today in every part of the world, citizens are organized to demand accountability from their leaders. NIDO’s philosophy per their unwritten contract with Aso-Rock is to use their members to thwart and abort any effort by Nigerian citizens to hold their leaders accountable for managing the resources of their country. This is the mind-set l am fighting against and nothing personal. In the hearts of these NIDO men and women are a deluge of scabies, and as heartless as it gets.
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