Ski Holidays Travel Insurance for Recreational Skiing or Snowboarding

Ski Travel Insurance - When you buy a Travel Insurance policy cover is available at no extra cost for recreational skiing or snowboarding on-piste and in safe areas designated by a ski resort within the resort’s boundaries.

Before you leave on your holiday, make sure you understand when you are and are not covered – the best way is to read the Travel Insurance Product Disclosure Statement and Policy (PDS) for full details of cover.

Ski Travel Insurance 1

  1. Medical emergencies
  2. and evacuation costs
  3. while overseas
  4. ski travel insurance
  5. 24 Hour Global
  6. Emergency Assistance

Ski Travel Insurance 2

  1. Cover for lift passes,
  2. ski packs and lessons
  3. in the event of cancellation
  4. ski travel insurance
  5. Cover for theft or
  6. damage to your
  7. ski/snowboarding equipment
  8. Get a quote now

Why On-Piste cover and not Off-Piste

It is not always possible for us to know a person’s ability or level of experience for activities.

Ski resorts are often held liable for winter sports activities within their boundaries, so they make sure the runs are safe and any dangerous conditions are properly managed or marked as out of bounds.

If you stay within the safe areas (on-piste), then your insurance can help if you have an accident, but if you go into closed areas or outside resort boundaries, even if you are an experienced skier or with a guide, you are putting yourself at needless risk and the travel insurance policy won’t cover you.

What is covered? Cover Includes:

  1. Medical emergencies and evacuation costs while overseas .
  2. Cover for pre-paid lift passes, ski packs and even pre-paid ski lessons, in the event of cancellation.
  3. Cover for theft or damage to your ski/snowboarding equipment when securely stored.
  4. Additional accommodation and travel expenses due to severe weather.
  5. Additional accommodation and meals if your scheduled transport is delayed.
  6. Hire of ski equipment (Super Plus Plan) if your equipment is damaged or delayed on your outward journey.
  7. 24hr emergency assistance.
  8. If you need to make a claim be sure to keep any documentation you’ll need to make the claims process as simple as possible (e.g. doctors reports and invoices for any injury or illness, receipts and a police report if your equipment is stolen).
  9. What is not covered?

You are not covered:

  1. If you are taking needless risks, like taking on the advanced slope after your first ever day on skis.
  2. If you are under the effects of alcohol or drugs.
  3. For off-piste skiing.
  4. In a race or competition, or participating in a sporting activity where you receive a financial reward.
  5. Loss of enjoyment - if it didn’t snow as you’d hoped, travel insurance won’t cover you just because you couldn’t ski.
  6. For personal liability for snowmobiling, as a snowmobile is considered a mechanically propelled vehicle.
  7. For loss or damage to your ski equipment while you’re using it or if you simply forget it or leave it anywhere where the general public has access or where it can be taken without your knowledge.

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