Pregnacy Travel Insurance Policy: Pre-existing Condition & Cancellation

Traveling when pregnant in Nigeria - Travel insurance for pregnancy: If you are pregnant and travelling there is cover under Travel Insurance policy for unexpected costs, although be aware that there are some restrictions to this cover.

Insurance companies automatically cover pregnancy up to the end of the 24th week for unexpected medical complications, provided it is an uncomplicated pregnancy and the conception was not medically assisted. You can still buy standard travel insurance after this time, but there would be no cover for anything related to the pregnancy or childbirth.

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Though Travel Insurance will not automatically cover you if you have, or had, experienced complications in your pregnancy, or if you've conceived with medical assistance, you can apply for optional pre-existing medical cover by completing our online medical assessment, provided you are within the first 24 weeks – if approved an additional premium is payable.

Please read the Travel Insurance Product Disclosure Statement and Policy (PDS) (PDF, 980KB) carefully to understand how the terms and conditions of certain medical conditions (including pregnancy) may impact your coverage.
travel insurance pregnancy

Cancellation costs

  1. should your treating
  2. doctor advise
  3. against travel
  4. travel insurance pregnancy

Medical treatment

  1. hospital expenses
  2. and evacuation costs
  3. travel insurance pregnancy

Cover for overseas

  1. medical expenses
  2. while travelling
  3. travel insurance pregnancy

Cover for additional

  1. travel, stay and/or
  2. cancellation expenses
  3. Get a quote now
  4. Flying while pregnant

Don’t forget to check with your airline, as airlines have restrictions around travellers who are pregnant; some may also require a letter from your doctor confirming details of your pregnancy.

It’s a good idea to consult your doctor before travelling at any point in your pregnancy. Play it safe by getting a letter from your doctor advising you are fit to travel. You won't – and shouldn't – get one if your pregnancy is considered high-risk.

Also, take your due date into consideration for the return trip, too. And before you plan a flight, remember how you'll feel squeezed into a seat for hours.

What is covered in Travel insurance for pregnancy: Pre-existing condition & Cancellation?

Provided you are in the first 24 weeks of the pregnancy, there is cover for:

  1. Cancellation costs, should your treating doctor advise you are no longer able to travel on your journey.
  2. Medical treatment, hospital expenses and evacuation costs if you suffer a sudden and unexpected illness or serious injury related to your pregnancy while travelling.
  3. Overseas medical expenses incurred to treat an unrelated illness or injury while you are travelling, and any resulting pregnancy complications.
  4. If, while travelling, you have to change your travel plans on medical advice, there is cover for reasonable additional travel, accommodation and/or cancellation expenses.

What is NOT covered Travel insurance for pregnancy: Pre-existing condition & Cancellation?

  1. Pregnancy or childbirth, of any person, after the end of the 24th week of pregnancy, regardless of any pre-existing medical cover you have been approved for. This applies even if you are already travelling when the 24th week occurs.
  2. Care of a newborn child after the end of the 24th week of pregnancy
  3. A pregnancy that resulted from any assisted reproductive program, unless pre-existing medical cover has been approved.
  4. Where you had any complications for any pregnancy prior to purchasing the policy, unless pre-existing medical cover has been approved.
  5. Fertility treatments at any time.
  6. Regular antenatal care, routine pregnancy check-ups, e.g. standard ultrasounds and blood tests, pregnancy tests, etc.
  7. Any medical, hospital, evacuation and travel expenses if you travel against medical advice.
  8. Medical expenses incurred in Australia.

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