Mmm Nigeria to Upgrade Mavro Payment in 2017 and Not Crash at all

Updates: Mmm Nigeria to Upgrade Mavro Payment in 2017 and Not Crash at all: - This is the latest news on mmm Nigeria. The admins of MMM Nigeria has told Nigerians that the Mavrodi Mondial Movement (Moneybox) otherwise popularly known as MMM will come back stronger in January. The was made known from the MMM news updates that was published on the MMM office platform. MMM did not Crash: See proof here. New compensation plan for MMM Nigeria is envisaged in 2017

Mmm Nigeria to Upgrade Mavro Payment in 2017 and Not Crash at all

This MMM upgrade will remove dishonest participants of MMM who always upload false "Proof of Payment" (POP) to the MMM office platform.

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It will delete accounts of participants who "Requests to provide help" but fails to pay (provide donation) when they are merged with another participant.

MMM has commenced Registration of 50% Mavro Bonus

MMM 2017 upgrade will prevent and block fraudsters who hack into another users accounts so as to withdraw their cash. It will ban those will receives help but fails to confirm that they received funds from their merged participants especially when a proof of payment (dated, signed and stamped bank statement) has been uploaded to support and verification has been made.

If you are among the participants who register phone numbers that is not reachable or always switched off, your account will be blocked too. This will be done because it causes issues for honest participants who wants to either provide help to you or get help from you. The MMM support has gotten several cases where some participants won't either pick up their calls to confirm receipt of payment or to get notified to make payments. All these issues will be solved in the MMM upgrade come January 2017.

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It will remove and/or delete and ban any participant who tries to play pranks with the MMM office system. The person's IP will be blocked and his/her account can not longer be used in the MMM system to receive help from honest people on MMM.

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Finally, the upgrade will remove MMM guiders who do not do their jobs well, especially those guiders who switch off their phones or refuse to take calls from participants who wants to lay complain and/or get advise on how to solve a pressing issue on MMM Nigeria. If you are honest, then Apply Here for Online MMM Guider's School and earn $450 USD extra payment plus you 30% Mavro.
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The 2017 upgrade on MMM will solve every login error faced by any participant. If you have lost you MMM password, you will be able to recover it through your email by clicking on "Forgot Password". You can Download the MMM Mobile App from Google Play Store and iTunes Apple Store.
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