MMM Nigeria Returns as Promised: Resumes Payment of Confirmed Mavros

MMM Nigeria Returns as Promised: Resumes Payment of Confirmed Mavros - It is known that you are surprised to read this piece; of-course, everyone is. You know why? Its because this has been one article Nigerians who are participants of MMM has been waiting patiently to see and read.

Why has people been on the look out for January 14th January 2017 news? Its very simple. The MMM office Nigeria froze all confirmed Mavros of Nigerian participants on 14th December 2016 with reasons that it was working to improve the MMM payment system to provide a better user experience. 

Question of the Day about MMM Nigeria

Did MMM Nigeria keep their word? Did MMM come back? Is MMM actually a ponzi scheme as published by the Nigerian Government and Newspapers? This is a much expected question that has been on the lips of Nigerians for over a month now because people are still very skeptical about the promise of MMM to coming back by January 2017. The ultimate cycler website went down total for up to 3 weeks and people were like; Ultimate Cycler has crashed. What happens today? See how the Ultimate Cycler came back bigger and stronger.

How does Nigerians handle the MMM issue now

Fairly speaking, some Nigerians has been taking this issue calmly, while some others do not take it easy at all expecially those people that do not really know much about how the MMM system works. On the other hand, news published on the MMM office platform by Sergey Mavrodi, tells Nigerians that payments will resume as promised.

What has MMM been doing about the Frozen Confirmed Mavro Accounts

Sergey Mavrodi published an article on the MMM registration website page, telling newspaper publisher and bloggers in general to stop publishing negative article about MMM and gaining popularity from Nigerian audience. See what Servey Mavrodi said today

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MMM Nigeria Returns as Promised: Resumes Payment of Confirmed Mavros

An interview with Miss Janeth Okoye, an MMM guider in Abuja, Nigeria answers this issue. This headline will take the stage come January 2017 says the MMM guider. The same newspapers who castigated the MMM office will also rejoice with Nigerians who participates in MMM Nigeria. I pity those who were scared and did not invest their money because the may have finished spending it during the festive season and may be left with little or non by January. She went ahead to encourage Nigerians to sit and wait for their confirmed mavros to be unfrozen. Read the complete News Here

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