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iCharity login - www.iCharity:com Member Panel - iCharity International Charity Club) Donation Platform: I-charity is an International network of donors, it is also a peer-to-peer donation platform for members to help other members in a systematic way. By using this platform, member can give and receive donations from each other. It is open to everybody, anywhere in the world can join this program.

The different between iCharity Club and other networks

The major difference between iCharity.Club and other networks is that iCharity. Club platform allows members to donate directly to each other (peer-to-peer) while other networks allow members to donate to each other through a central system (peer-to-server).

That is why it has been very difficult for people to succeed in other networks being that every payment goes into a central system which further decides who to give, when to give and how to give members money


Registration is Free, all you need to do is click on "Register or  Join" upgrade your membership by donating an assigned amount to an assigned member  e.g upgrade to Grsde 1 by donating $20 (N6,000) to a Grade 1 member assigned to you a.k.a Your Level 1 Upline. Receive same amount you donated from each member among assigned number of members e.g receive donations of $20 (N6,000) from each member among 5 members assigned to you a.k.a Your Level 1 Downlines. You will receive a total donation of $100 (N30,000)

Continuously upgrade your membership until you reach Grade 10 e.g upgrade to Grsde 2 by donating $40 (N12,000) to a Grade 2 member assigned to you a.k.a Your Level 2 Upline, then receive donations of $40 (N12,000) from each member among 25 members assigned to you a.k.a Your Level 2 Downlines. You will receive a total donation of $1,000 (N300,000)

BONUS: By default, iCharity account is limited to 5 direct downline, which means that your income is limited. If you want to enjoy Unlimited income and Unlimited direct downline,                     
This chart explains the donation amount for each upgrade and donation amount to receive for each grade. Convertion Rate: 1 US Dollar =300 Naira


Membership is graded into 10 grades, you start as a FREE member and gradually upgrade step-by-step to topmost grade.  NOTE – You can be in a higher grade and be receiving donations from assigned members for previous upgrades. Example, you can be in Grade 4 and be receiving donations for upgrade to 1, 2 and 3


You can get a Gateway to a icharity Platform if you sponsor at least one zone, so that when new members join iCharity Club by registering under any zone you sponsored, this new member will become your downline. System automatically places extra referrals by your uplineunder you.

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Your own promotion, you will also get your own referral URL, you can promote this to friends, families etc. in Facebook, Twitter, Email, YouTube Whatsapp, LINE, Wechat, Telegram and any medium you think suitable. The more your promotion the faster and bigger your earning.


STEP 1 (Join iCharity Club)

Browse to www.icharityclub.ng or www.icharityclub.org.ng=> click on "REGISTER"=> then click on any "ZONE/TEAM" of your choice=> Fill in your information=> Click "SUBMIT" a welcome message comprising of password will be forwarded to you.

STEP 2 (Update your Information)

Log into your iCharity Account=> click on "USER ACCOUNT"=> followed by clicking "UPDATE PROFILE"=> under "PHONE" Enter a valid Telephone number (replace 0 with 234)=> under "CURRENCY" select Nigeria Naira=> then click on "USER ACCOUNT"=> followed by clicking on "BANK ACCOUNT" to add a valid Bank Account, click on "ADD BANK ACCOUNT" fill in your Bank Details and click "SAVE"


STEP 1 (Make a Donation)

Log into your iCharity Account=> click on "USER ACCOUNT"=> then click "UPGRADE MEMBERSHIP"=> Click on "OTHER CURRENCIES" and select Nigeria Naira, then copy out the Bank Account details of the member assigned to receive the donation from you=> Convert the donation amount to your local currency and pay the amount into the Bank Account you copied.

STEP 2 (Submit Donation Details)

Log into your iCharity Account=> click on "USER ACCOUNT"=> then click "UPGRADE MEMBERSHIP"=> under "DONATE TO" Select which account you paid into=> under "CURRENCY" select Nigeria Naira=> under "amount" enter the donation amount e.g 6,000 or 12,000 or 24,000 etc=> under "DETAILS" enter the teller number and depositors name=> click "SUBMIT"


Log into your iCharity account, click on "Marketing"=> then Click on "Referral URL" Copy out the link and send it to your friends and family, so that when they join iCharity.Club using this link, they will be placed under you. Also click on "Marketing"=> then Click on "Ads Galary" Choose any Advert of your choice and click on any social network of your choice to post it to friends and family.


Log into your iCharity Account=> click on "DONATIONS"=> then click "PENDING APPROVAL"=> you will see the donation details with "APPROVE" and "DENY"=> click on "APPROVE" you will be prompted to confirm your action by clicking "OK".


It’s expected of every member to refer 5 new members for Grade 1 income. It’s a onetime duty because in Grade 2 you will get 300,000 naira without referring anybody, in your Grade 3 you will get 3 million naira without referring anybody; in your Grade 4 you will get 22.5 Million naira without referring anybody and will not refer anybody for the rest of the Grades.

NOTE - You are not restricted to refer 5 direct downline before upgrading to Grade 2, also you must not wait to receive all the donations for a particular grade before going to a higher grade because you will receive all your donations meant for you, no matter your current GRA.
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