Crowd Rising Nigeria: Registration and Login Table @ - Crowd Rising Nigeria: Registration and Login Table: New Donation Program that is Bigger Than MMM - The new Donation program which is called Crowd-rising. It is a one to one donation program. You don't have to wait for weeks or month before getting your pay like MMM.  All you need is N7,400. No heart attack because of delay in receiving help.

You will get paid immediately you donate. See stages below;

  1. Stage 1 - Donate N7,400 by a new member,  5 people will donate the same N7,400 to you i.e. N7,400 x 5 = N37,000
  2. Stage 2: Donate 14,800 to someone and 25 people will donate same 14,800 to you i.e. 14,800 x 25 = 370,000
  3. Stage 3: Donate 22,200 to someone and 125 people will donate same 22,200 to you i.e. 22,200 x 125 = 2,775,000

Crowd Rising Nigeria: Registration and Login Table @

Till you get to stage 10 when you move from stage 1 to stage 2 and above, the system will generate account of whom you will pay into his account and the system will send your account information which you will provide to $25 (stage 2), $125(stage 3), $625 (stage 4) people.

Though, you are expected  to register the 5 people at stage 1 by yourself. But if you cannot do that, there is no problem. All you need is to join and you will enjoy spill over from me and others who have registered before you. Spill over means that since my 5 people are complete, any additional person that registers under me will automatically fall under you. So act fast now. 

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If you are able to register 1 or 2 people in addition to the spillover than it will be faster for you to move to stage 2,  dont miss this opportunity. Do you know the secret. Immediately you joined and donated, you are automatically a member of a family. All you need to do is to contact the person that you donated to through his/her phone number. It is a team work.

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