Login to Ultimate Cycler - Register & Login to get N50,000 in one Week

Login to Ultimate Cycler - Register & Login at www.ultimatecycler.com - Ultimatecycler which has been trending for the past few weeks now pays you N50,000 when you Invest N12,500 only within 1 week. Did i just said Invest? No! The System is not the one you are paying the money to, their work is just to automatically match (join you together) with someone you can even meet face to face and pay. Cool right?

All you need to do is activate your account before the system can be able to assign/give you (4) people automatically to pay you N12,500 each which is N50,000 and the only person that can activate your account for you to receive the N50,000 is the person the system matched you with. (and that's the person you will pay the N12,500). By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to know who the system matched you with after you have joined ultimate cycler.


  1. You don't need anybody to do it for you because you can do it yourself right here!
  2. Make sure you have your N12,500 at hand (to activate your account) before joining.
  3. CLICK HERE to visit Ultimatecycler official website.
  4. Now when you get there, Click on *Join Now*.
  1. Name: Enter your own name here
  2. Last name: Type in your Surname
  3. Email: Enter your personal email address
  4. Mobile no: 0803863...
  5. Contact no: 0803829...
  6. Mobile Carrier: Glo, MTN, Airtel Africa
  7. Username: Choose your preferred username (nickname)
  8. Enter the code: This is the code shown on the screen
  9. Then tick the box (BY JOINING you agree by the terms of use)
  10. Then scroll down to *CREATE MY ACCOUNT AND CONTINUE
  11. In the next page, tick the 3 boxes and continue.
  12. In the 3rd page, scroll down to Country and choose NIGERIA.
  13. Leave others, the click *FINISH AND SAVE
  14. IN the last page, click *THANK YOU* icon to show u whom to pay the 12,500 we talked about to.
Collect the person's phone number and call him/her for account details or to pay him/with cash so he can confirm you and activate your account. (after payment, ask him/her to activate your account immediately.)

Login to Ultimate Cycler - Register & Login to get N50,000 in one Week

After he/she has confirmed you, that's when you'll see your Ref LINK. Like e.g. http://ultimatecycler.com/ref/akachy111 (So you can refer people Under you and get paid faster)

The person might be your Down line.
After you have joined Ultimate cycler, Try refer at least two people to get paid faster within some hours. (Not must but to be paid faster) With 12500 , you get 50,000, within 24 hours.

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Please don't doubt it, it is real, fast, quick and reliable. U will b surprise the way It works. I have already made N150,000 plus from ultimate cycler in 1 week. Ultimate cycler has come to stay and make our life better.


  • STAGE 1 - You get $100 (N50,000)
  • STAGE 2 - You get $200 (N100,000)
  • STAGE 3 - You get $400 (N200,000)
  • STAGE 4 - You get $800(N400,000) 
  • STAGE 5 - You get $1,600 (N800,000)
  • STAGE 6 - You get $3,200 (N1,600,000)
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