1_3_5_10 TPH Crude Palm Oil Production Line
3-5-10Ton/Hours Fresh Palm Fruit Bunch Oil Mill Process Introduction

Step 1:
Raw material Storage Section: Fresh Palm Fruit Bunch will be measured & recorded firstly by weighting platform before the Fresh Palm Fruit Bunch go into the production plant, then the weight measured Fresh Palm Fruit Bunch will be unloaded to the fruit loading slopes and stored there. 

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Step 2:
Sterilizing Section: The Fresh Palm Fruit Bunch later will be sent to the sterilizer, the sealed sterilizer will sterilize the Fresh Palm Fruit Bunch in this step. The purpose of sterilizing is to prevent the enzymatic decomposition of the palm fruit (the enzymatic decomposition of palm fruit will increase palm fruit Free Fat Acid(FFA) content and it is also to make the following mechanical threshing easier, the palm fruit peel pre-treatment is to make the preparation work of the following process, the pre-conditioning palm fruit nut is to reduce the broken of the kernel. 
Get Professional Feasibility Study and Business Plan
Get Professional Feasibility Study and Business Plan
1_3_5_10 TPH Crude Palm Oil Production Line

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Step 3:
Palm Fruit Threshing Section: Palm Fruit Threshing aims to separate the palm fruit from the palm fruit bunch by strong vibration, the threshing machine is drum thresher. The separated palm fruit will be discharged out of the thresher and enter into the palm oil pressing section. The empty fruit bunch will be discharged to the storage yard from the other side of the drum thresher or will be sent out of the plant, later the empty could be recycled as the cover of palm orchards, some clients will also choose to burn it directly and used as fertilizer for agricultural land. 

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Step 4:
Oil Pressing Section: The palm fruit shall be cooked before oil pressing, re-heating the sterilized palm fruit so that the fruit will become soft and the cell structure of the fruit at the same time. The cooked palm fruit will be sent to the continuous screw press for oil pressing. The pressed palm fruit will become 2 parts. The mixture of oil, water, solid impurity and the pressed cake (fiber and palm nut). The mixture of oil, water, solid impurity will flow into the oil purification section through crude palm oil slot while the pressed cake will be broken by cake crushing auger and sent into the fiber- recovery section.
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Step 6:
Clarification section: The fiber of the machine-pressed crude palm oil will be removed by washing, settling and filtering, and then settled continuously, later it would become two layers: oil and sediment. The oil will be centrifugal separation and vacuum dried and then pumped into the storage tank, the oil sediment will be filtered, when dirty oil was separated, the oil will going into the secondary settlement, the dirty oil mixture will be clarified and separated, later the skim oil will going into the secondary settlement, the waste water will be pumped into the waste water lagoon to be processed.

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Step 7:
Product oil storage & transportation section: The Product crude oil will be stored in oil storage tanks, there shall have 2 oil storage tanks, the oil will be loaded and delivered out of the factory by oil keeping & Delivery staff. The product crude oil shall be stored or delivered at 32  to 40 . The temperature of the product palm oil shall be controlled within 50  to 55 , thus can avoided the situation of over-heating. 

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Step 8:
Fiber separation section: The Pressed cake will be crushed by crushing auger and sent to the fiber separation wind net and the fiber polishing roller for the separation of fiber. The separated fiber material will be sent to the boiler room to burned as fuel; The separated palm nuts will be delivered to the palm nuts storage room for temporary pneumatic conveying system. 

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Step 10:
Palm Kernel recovery section: The Palm Nut shall be Softening conditioning before being crushed, the softened nut will be crushed into 2 or more petals by Corrugated Crusher and then will be discharged out. The crushed mixture will enter into the crushed mixture separation system, the separation system adopts two stage separation and water bath separation. After the separation, we will get the shell of the nut, and the nut shell will be sent to the storage room for temporary storage, and later the shell will be burned as the boiler fuel. Another material we get in the separation is the palm kernel, the moisture of the kernel shall be reduced below 7% by hot air drying. The dried kernel will be sent to the kernel storage room to storage. 

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Step 11:
Waste water treatment section: The organic matter content of the waste water is high, the BOD (biochemical oxygen demand) amount is about 25000ppm, so the waste water can only be pulled out qualified deal before emissions. Pool sewage treatment system is the most used and effective treatment. This treatment system has cost-effective, only need provide adequate space, less investment costs.

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