The mail aim of this post is to teach new users how to create and sign in to yahoo mail account and to inform existing users about the new products and services in yahoo emailing system.

Most new users might ask this question: What is yahoo mail? What is it used for? How is it used? Who is approved to use it? Is it safe to private and business messaging? This article will answer all these questions using practical illustrations.

Yahoo mail is an online platform used for sending and receiving messages through the internet. It has been in use for decades before the incoming of other mailing services. Yahoo mail is one of the first used mailing system around the globe that has proved to be very fast, safe and reliable. A user requires any internet gadget (Computer, Mobile Phone, Tablets etc.) to be able to access it using an internet connection. It is one of the safest platforms for transfer and reception of messages electronically. Anybody around the world is approved to use it so far he/she has a mobile number.

I opened my first yahoomail account when I was in high school with the help of a friend who started using the yahoo to send and receive mails before me. He gave me the very simple procedures of create my own account and login successfully. But since then, Yahoo has updated their mailing system continuously for better services and the changes they have made has helped in improving the usage of mails. In their most recent updates, they have made login yahoo registration and sign in easier for every user. They have also improved the speed of attachments which ranges from documents, pictures, program files, audio files etc. The security of any user’s password has also improved tremendously so that no authorized user can have access to your yahoo account. This step has made users accounts to be safer because they included a security question which only the user should know the answer. Yahoo new password recovery system has really helped so many user to recover their lost password by answering a security question to prove that you are the owner of the account. Because of all this reasons, millions of users make use of and to access their mails and do their businesses safely. With all these said, I believe that you would want to have a yahoo account.

There are so many people who does not know anything about this mailing system and do not know how to use it. I am going to show you very simple procedures on:

·        How to Create a Yahoo Mail Account
·        How to Login or Sign in to Yahoo Mail Account
·        How to Send and Receive Emails in Yahoo Mail
·        How to Recover Lost Yahoo Password

Simple Steps in Yahoo Mail Sign Up (Registration) On Yahoo Registration Page for Personal Computer (PC)
Login to on your phone or PC browser – This will land you on Yahoo mail Registration Page
Now you will see a form that looks like the one in the picture on this page
To begin the registration process, click Create New Account
A new form (the Yahoomail registration form) will be displayed to you on the next page.
On the Yahoo email registration page, you will have to fill in the following information correctly:

1. Your First Name (e.g. Martins)
2. Your Last Name or Surname (e.g. Library)
3. Desired Yahoo! Username – this is the email that you want to register (
4. Desired Password (****************)
5. Original Phone Number (e.g. +2347030722911)
6. Date of Birth - Birthday (Month, Day, Year)
7. Your Gender (Male or Female)

Those are the important information you have to submit during your Yahoo registration.

Next Step - After you have filled in all these information correctly, tick the box that contains a message informing that you agree to the term and conditions of Yahoo.

Next Step - Click Create My Account, by clicking on that, you agree to Yahoo Registration guidelines and Terms of Service. You might want to read that before you sign up.

Simple Steps For Yahoo Sign Up (Registration) On Yahoo Registration Page For Mobile Phones / Tablets
Login to on your mobile phone browser or operamini
Navigate to the left side bar of the page immediately after the website loads
Click on the mail TAB which is the first tab at the left hand side
Once the Mail page open, click on the Sign Up page  or “Create  New Account”
Another online form will be open for your yahoo registration, enter your information as explained above and click Submit
Simple Steps To Sign in to Yahoo Mail
Login to (The yahoo page will load and open)
Click on username Box (Enter/Type in your email username that you registered)
Click on Password box (Enter/Type in your password)
Check the box written "Keep me Signed in"
Click Sign in
 Enter the CAPTCHA CODE provided and click Continue
Sometimes, yahoo will want to know if you are the real owner of the account and it will request you to answer your security code.... Just type in the security answer and click continue and your mail will open.

I believe that the above explanations are the very easy steps on how to create a new yahoo mail account and sign in on Personal Computer, Tablet or Mobile Phone.

Are you experiencing any troubles creating a Yahoo Mail Account? 
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