Download Whatsapp Video messenger latest version 2016 into your phone using this following steps found on this page. The Whatsapp application latest version is available for download for most devices around the world used for chatting with friends, family and business associates using your mobile phone number and an internet connection. Over the years, it has been discovered and proved that whatsapp chatting application is one of the most downloaded and used chat application used around the world. Ever since the launch of whatsapp in 2010, more than 100 billion users have downloaded it.

Firstly, it was downloaded and used on only few selected devices in Java and Symbian phones, then it moved to android and iphone IOS and blackberry phones. But currently, it is widely used is up to 90% of all new devices making it easy for users to have access to it.

The main aim of this post is to provide a download link and to show you how to download the most latest and updated whatsapp application for your device.

Download Whatsapp

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Download for this types of phones has been made easy for every user by providing PLAY STORE. With play store application in your android phone, you can download any application of your choice including Whatsapp messenger application. All the user needs to do is open the application, create a new Gmail account or login an already existing Gmail account in to the play store application, the user can have access to it. When the play store opens the market, you will find a search icon on the top right corner of the application, there you can enter a search with the keyword “whatsapp” and click search. When the search find it, just click “Install” and wait for some time, it will download and install the latest version of whatsapp application on your android mobile phone. Open the application and Click “Accept Terms and Conditions”. The next step is to enter your mobile number and click next. Next, select a picture for your profile and click done. You can now enjoy your latest whatsapp messenger on your android device.
Andriod Devices that supports whatsapp application are:
Tecno Phones
iTel Phones
Samsung Phones
Xtouch Phones
Gionee Phones
Infinix Phones
Nokia Phones
HTC Phones
Whatsapp download for blackberry phones has also been made easy by RIM. An application called App World is used for this download. By default, App World comes with every new blackberry phone but in some cases it would not. To download the App World, visit and you can have access to download the application. After downloading the App World, open it and register your email address (for new users) or login (for existing users). Once you have entered your email and password correctly, the Blackberry App World market place will open. Use the search box to find and download whatsapp application by typing the keyword “Whatsapp”. Click download after the application shows up and wait for some few minutes for the whatsapp to download successfully in your blackberry phone. After downloading is complete, open the whatsapp application and click “Accept Terms and Conditions” and click next. Next, enter your phone number correctly and click next. Select your desired profile picture and click done. Your whatsapp will open and you can now chat with all your phone contacts with one click. Note this: You can also download whatsapp by visiting from the phone browser, select your blackberry device and click download.

Blackberry Phone Devices that supports whatsapp application are: 
Blackberry Z30, Q10, Q5, Z10, etc
Blackberry 9980, 9960, 9900, 9800, 9760, 9700, 9650, 9600 series, 9500, 9400 series, 9300 series etc

This post will cover whatsapp download for java phones, symbiam phones, Lumia phones, Windows phone. Nokia phones was the very first type of devices used whatsapp application before it moved to other old and recent devices. It all started with Java and Symbian phones were the user needs to visit and select the model of Nokia phone and just click download and it will be downloaded straight to applications folder in the Nokia phone. But since the introduction of Nokia Windows and Lumia and Android Phones, downloading whatsapp application for Nokia phones became one of the easiest method among all other devices. All the user has to do is to open the Nokia Market Place from the list of phones applications, register and email address (for new users) or login to the market place (for existing users) and search for whatsapp messenger by typing the keyword “Whatsapp”. The application will download successfully into the phone. Open the application and enter your phone number correctly, following the other on-screen processes and start chatting for free.

Nokia Phone that supports whatsapp application are:
Nokia Java Phones
Nokia Symbian Phones
Nokia Windows Phone
Nokia Android Phones
Nokia Lumia Phones

WHATSAPP DOWNLOAD FOR APPLE (IOS) - (IPHONE/IPAD) PHONES / DEVICESEvery Apple device support whatsapp messenger application which enables every user to chat with friends and family. Apple Devices like iphone, ipad etc has itunes store which you can use to download the app. To do this, open the APPLE STORE in your iphone or ipad and search for the application using the keyword “whatsapp”. Next, Click download. You will now be prompted to login your itunes or to create a new itune account if you are a new user. Follow the on-screen procedures and the you will complete the registration process, then the whataspp can be downloaded into your phone.
Apple Phones & Tablets that supports whatsapp application are:
Iphone 3 series
Iphone 4, 4s and other series
Iphone 5, 5s, 5c, other series
Iphone 6 series

Do you have a device that is not mentioned in the explanation above? Don’t get upset because you too can use whatsapp in your phone and device. All you have to do is to goto your web browser and visit whatsapp website page directly. The web address is and you can access it from any network carrier in your country. Once you are on the page, choose your device name from the list of devices on the webpage and click download but you cannot find your device name, select others and click download. Once it has been successfully downloaded in your phone, follow the installation procedure above and after that, enter your phone number in the space that will be provided and your whatsapp will start functioning like other.

This is where I will draw the curtains for today because I believe that I have been able to explain the different processes of downloading whatsapp on your mobile phone or tablet without any stress. Are you still having any difficulty after reading through these above lessons, you can use the comments section below to ask your questions and I will be glad to provide solutions to them for free.


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