WINDOWS LIVE MESSENGER | DOWNLOAD | MSN MESSENGER CHAT PLATFORM - LIVE.COM - Windows Live Messenger: – MSN messenger established the online chatting platform alongside Yahoo messenger, but it was later renamed Window Live Messenger just like the way was shifted to As time went by Live Messenger was gradually being moved to Skype. Some people still like using the Window Live Messenger for communication and some are still downloading the application while others has moved on while

With all these new information, it is adviced that all windows live users are hereby informed to switch over to Skype services as all their details and files remain same on the Skype interface. Simply visit to sign in Skype using your Window Live Messenger username and password. For those on Window Live Messenger, your account works effectively well on the Skype interface, as all your contact address from Live messenger will be moved automatically to your Skype account. You can chat with either window Live messenger or Skype, it has been reduce to a game of choice depending on your country of residence as Window Live Messenger had experienced a total shutdown of server in some countries.

Like every other chatting plat form, Window Live Messenger has been in the fore front when it comes to emotion and winks to spice up your moment. Window Live Messenger comes with lots of winks for conversation and you can change, expand by adding and removing any of them from the list of hundreds available; 

Window Live Messenger works effectively well on all operating systems ranging from Windows, Windows XP,  Mac OS x, Window Mobile, Windows phone, Symbian OS 9.x, Blackberry OS, IOS, Windows CE, XBOX 360 Android, Linux, etc.

Every user should be informed that Window Live Messenger is available in 50 major world’s languages and the operational type is instant messaging. Window Live Messenger as we know is a discontinued instant messaging service provider built by Microsoft for windows, XBOX 360, blackberry OS, IOS, Java me, S60 on Symbian OS 9.x and Zune HD.

Did you know that Window Live is comparable with Yahoo messenger and Facebook messenger. It will also interest you to know that every time you start a conversion using Window Live Messenger IM, that Microsoft shares a portion of the paid advertisement revenue with some worlds organization that are committed to social cause in the society. It then means that your conversation on Window Live Messenger fixes a social issue somewhere. So it is strictly adviced that you do more of group conversation on Window Live Messenger because by so doing you fixing life.

Window Live enables you to call your friend’s PC for free. Window Live has a built in video conversation like that of Skype, but it is within minutes of conversation using a webcam. Window Live comes with drop in phone and other stuffs in a shearing folder, and you can do as many drops as you can or as your system can handle. Window live Messenger now connects with you Yahoo and Facebook instant messenger.

Window Live messenger is not all about is not all about chat, but effective video chat using webcam and again making a VoIP calls. Files and pictures can also be sheared within the chat Window without any mode of sending to contact.

Latest version of Window Live Messenger allows you to manage your contacts and group them. With this grouping, you can do multiple chat simultaneously with people on the chat list.

Favorite is another feature on Window Live Messenger that permits you to create a special category of that group of people you chat and talk to more often. This are all possible coupled with great features include in the latest window Live 2009 in a great interface. The new version loads faster and comes with a renewed features and extra weight. This interface comes with colored design far from the traditional design of Window applications, as this new version is customizable to suit individual needs.

Chatting has been made easy with so many new devices in the open market; with that said, you should know that Window live messenger functions on all internet enabled mobile phones, tablets, computer app, and on the web in case your system don’t have window Live Messaging app installed.  its time to enjoy your chat as you go.


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